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Flat Canyon Farms

Fresh Locally Grown Hydroponic Produce

Flat Canyon Farms offers non GMO pesticide and herbicide free hydroponic produce grown in our state of the art greenhouse located in Fairview. We take great pride in producing high quality fresh leafy greens you just can’t get at the grocery store.

Our produce is never treated or processed and is harvested fresh to retain its full nutrition and flavor for all to enjoy.

Can Be Found Here:

  • The Corner Station Deli and Co-op – Fairview
  • Fairview Farmers Market


Fairview, Utah

  • Fairview, Utah 84629
  • 801-558-6961
  • Message: flatcanyonfarms@gmail.com

Richard & Billie Jo Cox

Flat Canyon Farms got it’s start when Richard retired from the Fire Protection Industry. Our roots stem from a long tradition of farming in the Fairview area of Utah and we were looking for a way to continue this tradition using modern more sustainable ways of farming.

After a lot of research we decided controlled environment agriculture using Hydroponic systems was the answer. It allows us to use 90% less water and 60% less fertilizer and grow 8 months out of the year while producing large amounts of product in a small 30 x 48 state of the art greenhouse.