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Rocky Top Fruit Farm

U-Pick Fruit Farm

We specialize in u-pick fruit. Our goal is to provide a healthy alternative to what you can purchase in the store or at roadside stands. You know exactly where your fruit came from. You know exactly when it was picked. You know exactly who has been handling your fruit! We grow sweet cherries, peaches, apples and berries. We have future plans for an animal display of chickens, goats, etc. to enjoy.

We have our own beehives and extract our own honey and you can buy it here! These hives NEVER leave our property.  The honey is raw and has an excellent flavor. We extract it by spinning and screening and not heating.

Our philosophy is if we feed our animals and our trees with healthy nutrients, they will not get sick. We use as many organic pest control methods as possible. Occasionally we have to spray for something as we monitor pests, but avoid this at all costs when there is fruit ready to pick. Our cherries are definitely grown and cared for organically. We do as much trapping as possible in our peaches and apples. Our berries are never sprayed for pests after they begin setting blossoms.

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Excellent, giant blackberries! My kids and I loved picking twice this summer!

Katelyn Payne Lowe,

Facebook Review

We came to pick peaches, and we loved it! So fun, easy, and delicious. They take cards, which was a great surprise. Would definitely recommend.

Brinlee Wilkes,

Facebook Review

My mom, sister, and I stumbled upon Phelps Fruit and Berry Farm 2 weeks ago. It is a hidden gem! Signs clearly mark the way to the farm. There’s parking very close to the fruit trees. We picked peaches and they were super delicious! It was easy to pay and we even picked up some jam! I brought my college roommates back yesterday and we were just as pleased! We each got some jam and this time we picked a whole box of peaches! We can hardly wait for them to ripen!

Kristie Hinckley,

Facebook Review

Payson, UT

  • 8722 S 6200 W
  • Payson, UT 84651
  • 801-465-4408

Monte and Shauna Phelps

Monte and Shauna Phelps purchased 50 acres in 1989.  At the time, they had three children. They had three more for a total of 6. This became a family business. The children would help plant, pick and weed. Their most unfavorite task was picking up rocks, which seem to swim to the surface on a regular basis. We hired many neighbor kids to help with the picking. Once our three oldest children began getting jobs and heading off to college, we realized that we were going to need to change things. Thus was born the idea to move into the u-pick industry.

By this time, we had sold off some of the lower portions of land that we were not using because it was so low. We planted more berries, planted peaches and some walnut trees. We wanted to plant higher up the hill to help with frost and ended up purchasing the piece of land to the west up higher.  We felt like we needed to make this more and more a family-oriented experience. We began the process to get approved to extend our dead end road. This road extension takes our customers to our brand new barn where they can purchase the fruit they have picked.  We are excited to share these changes with our customers.