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Rocky Mountain Breakfast Rub

RMBR - Elevate Breakfast

From the Three Sisters peaks of Kananaskis Country, to the ice caves of the Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau, and the Red Rock Arches of Moab the Rocky Mountains has complex natural beauty and diverse ecosystems. Rocky Mountain Breakfast Rub (RMBR) brings a complex flavor profile that you can simply sprinkle on or mix into your breakfast.

Remember RMBR and elevate breakfast!

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Love, love, love this blend! I made cinnamon rolls with this that changed my life! Great quality, large quantity and arrived ahead of schedule. This is a Must Have for your spice cabinet!” – Toby, Amazon Review

This spice blend is seriously soo good! I love it in my pancakes, waffles, and French toast. I just add a couple of teaspoons to the batter. I’ve also used it to add extra yumminess when baking muffins and zucchini bread or making applesauce, and I love how it makes my house smell! It’s also wonderful on porkchops and in stews. It adds a kind of autumnal richness.” Amazon Review

Orem, Utah

  • Orem, Utah 84058
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Russel Fisher

Rocky Mountain Breakfast Rub was made at home for pancakes and French toast for the family. Adding a dash of this and that, studying flavor profiles, and testing combinations with the kids. This led me to create Rocky Mountain Breakfast Rub, a way to add simple complexity to your food.