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Rollin’ Yogi Granola

Mia’s Gratitude Granola is crafted in small-batches using organic, gluten-free oats. Each variety is mixed with local dried fruits, honey, salts, nuts and spice blends. The passion for supporting local vendors marries with our passion for creating the most unique, seasonal granolas to support your healthy lifestyle. Our granola makes a great breakfast and snack anytime.

Unique blends of essential oils are blended together to create an uplifting and refreshing effect to support your well-being. Our spritz can be sprayed on your body, bed linens and around the room for lasting fragrance.

Rollin’ Yogi takes yoga off the mat, incorporating movement, breath work and practices that are essential to balanced living. Vinyasa flows, yoga nidra and therapeutic yoga are among the practices that we focus on. Yoga is not just for bendy bodies – yoga is for everybody, our community includes preschool aged children to seniors.

Rollin’ Yogi is a health and wellness lifestyle brand that offers tools and practices that cater to all aspects of a happy life. Knowing what you eat, how to move and how to cope with stress are essential for a well-balanced life.

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5/5 Stars.

Susan Buchanan,

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Vosen’s Bread Paradise

Vosen’s Bread Paradise is an authentic German bakery serving traditional breads and pastries made from recipes brought over from the old world or developed by Markus Vosen with the same technique that German Master Bakers used for centuries.

We make German breads, rolls, sheet cakes, pastries, and pretzels. We also serve coffee and sandwiches for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our recipes are not the only authentic German aspect of our bakery. From the smallest pan to our 10,000 lbs. oven, we imported every piece of equipment directly from Germany to create an authentic experience. Purchase a variety of our breads and pastries at Whole Foods locations throughout Utah.

Another important aspect of our business would be that we don’t use any artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. None of our breads contain any added sugars or fats. The average bread is made from nothing but flour, water, sourdough, salt and yeast. It’s a pretty simple list, isn’t it? And when the addition of fat is necessary for the characteristics of the product, we use only butter – never shortening or margarine.

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Lehi Roller Mills

At Lehi Roller Mills, we’re committed to producing the highest quality products for each one of our customers. You’ll find us milling the best wheat from the best farms, plus you can also find specialty items in our shop that you won’t find in other stores.

Choose from our Heart Healthy Hotcakes, our delicious Germade, or any one of our decadent baking mixes—you’re sure to find something you and your family will absolutely love. From our premium baking flour to each of our gourmet mixes, you can always count on 1) the highest quality, 2) hand-selected ingredients in every product, 3) products only produced from the best farms, 4) our commitment to exceed your expectations with every product we produce, 5) careful evaluation during our wheat selection, and 6) better tasting and more enjoyable foods.

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The Lion House Raspberry and Blueberry muffin mix are a hit in the household! I also like the cookie mix.

Chad Marvosh,


Had my first raspberry pancake with raspberry syrup!! The best pancake ever!!!!

Lisa Thompson,


Great products. Especially love their buttermilk pancake mix. Best pancake mix I’ve ever tasted.

Mark Anderson,