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Loder’s Meat Company

Grass-Fed Goat

Loder’s Meat Company is a five-acre micro farm located in Vernon, Utah. We raise Boer and Boer/Kiko cross goats for meat. We like Boer’s muscling, fast growth rate, and Kikos’ fantastic mothering skills. We provide our goats with a plant-based diet without antibiotics or hormones to achieve the best results. Our goats are well cared for, and some are pretty sassy.

What does goat meat taste like? Goat meat is somewhere between beef and lamb. It is similar to beef with an earthy flavor. We especially enjoy goat shank and bone-in stew meat.

It is important to us that we maximize our production while balancing the limited resources of our desert home. We accomplish this using regenerative farming methods and only running our irrigation at night.

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Vernon, Utah

  • Vernon, Utah 84080
  • 435-579-5672

Stephanie & Ryan Loder

Loder’s Meat Company is a first-generation family-owned and operated micro farm. Stephanie operates it with the help of her husband, Ryan, on his days off and their children. Stephanie and Ryan married in 2003; she brought five children, and he brought two. A year and a half later, after Stephanie’s battle with breast cancer, Ryan step-parent adopted Stephanie’s children. They were all Loders, some by birth and some by choice. Two years later, they had the first of two more children. They chose “Loder’s Meat Company” because the last name, Loder, represents respect, dependability, hard work, unconditional love, kindness, and laughter, lots and lots of laughter. They apply these same qualities to our farm and company.

They started this company in 2023 to share our premium goat meat with you. For the last eight years, They have raised goats primarily for 4H and FFA members. Through their daughter’s 4H projects, they discovered goat meat’s great flavor and versatility. Their family doctor said it was better for them than chicken! Stephanie grew up in various parts of Utah, Nevada, and Idaho. Her family worked on a farm in Idaho for one season, where she learned to move hand and wheel irrigation lines. Ryan grew up in West Valley City, Utah, with no farming experience but loved the flavor of the backyard lamb his grandfather raised.