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The Vine Yard

World Class Wine Made in Utah

Wine made from the grapes grown in our vineyard, 10 Vitis Vinifera varietals, plus blends: 6 reds: Cariñena, Garnacha, Petite Syrah, Tempranillo, Syrah, Zinfandel; 4 whites: Albariño, Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon Blanc, Viognier. Leeds has a unique combination of characteristics in its weather, elevation, latitude, and soil that makes its location ideal to produce excellent wine. The Vine Vine Yard produces 15 wines, from 10 varietals, plus blends. The wines range from soft white wines to bold full-bodied reds, the common denominator of ALL wines are the smoothness & balance between great tannins, fruit and acidity.

The origins of the grapes are France (5); Spain (4) Croatia (1). The best way to learn about The Vine Yard is to schedule a wine tasting, which will be served with tapas at the winery. The cost is $25.00 per person, which includes the tasting, tapas, and a visit to the winery and vineyard. The actual tasting is sitting down with the wine and tapas served at a dining table, while the description of the wines, origin of grapes, etc. is explained in detail.

Can Be Found Here:

  • DABS stores: Cedar City, Park City, Salt Lake, Hurricane, St. George, Kanab, and the warehouse
  • Aragosta Restaurant – St. George
  • Tequilana Restaurant – Leeds
  • The Spotted Dog Restaurant – Springdale


Leeds, Utah

  • 1282 North Shadow Lane
  • Leeds, Utah 84746
  • 435-236-5000
  • Message: the_vine_yard@protonmail.ch; goatwine@protonmail.com

Roberto Alvarez

I learned to drink wine at age 14 guided by my father, who would pour a dash of red wine into the lime aid we used to drink and told me “Learn to recognize the flavor of tannins.” He showed me the cultural side of not only drinking wine, but my own background from my Spanish grandfather. At age 16, he told me “I have good and bad news for you. Well, bad news is there is no Santo Clos, good news you are having dinner with us tonight at the Christmas dinner, and I will give you REAL wine!!” At age 19 I started reading about vineyards, and winemaking. From there, 2 projects to buy wine land in both California and Washington state, failed because of my own lack of faith. (In both instances, the land purchases had been successful), only to back out of them on my account. WORST financial decisions I have made.

Fast forward to 2006 I acquired some land in Leeds, UT in pursuit of a commercial venture. The real estate crash of 2008-09, (and several obtuse neighbors), for which it took me 3 years to get the construction permits. So, I decided NOT to pursue the commercial venture. Yet, I kept the land. In 2011 after attending some courses in Ensenada, Mexico on practical winemaking, I decided to go ahead and do the craziest project ever. I decided to plant a vineyard… over 5 different years…. First time I made wine in 2012 resulted in the most fabulous Zinfandel. I kept making wine with ever improved results…. The Vine Yard, LLC is the end result of these efforts. Most rewarding experience I’ve had. Today, the wines produced in Leeds, Utah, are indeed world class.