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Rustic Scoop™

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Rustic Scoop™ produces baking mixes and baked goods that are gluten-free, top 8 allergen free, refined sugar free, and Non-GMO. All of our mixes have vegan options and video tutorials on our website. Currently, we have five baking mixes: Sandwich Bread, Pizza Crust, Chocolate Cake and Cupcake, Pancake and Waffle, and Cookies. Each mix makes many other delicious recipes as well. Our blog, The Scoop, is full of new recipes and baking tips. Rustic Scoop products are SO good that those with and without food restrictions LOVE them. We believe our products stand apart from other gluten-free products and we think you will too!

So often we hear from those with and without food restrictions that they can’t believe how good our products are. They are shocked to find out that our mixes are gluten-free and free from the top 8 allergens because they are so good. Being around the gluten-free and food allergic community for a long time, we often hear that gluten-free products don’t taste good or have undesirable texture. It is such a disservice to our community AND to those who don’t have food restrictions. It only exacerbates the separation between those with and without food restrictions. We set out to change that! We firmly believe there should be food that is safe for most and loved by all so meals can be shared all together without separate food. Inclusion with food restrictions is so important to us. Having food restrictions shouldn’t mean feeling left out. It is possible with our products to create inclusion with one meal at one table. Our mixes gather everyone together to bring delight to any occasion.

Can Be Found Here:

  • Food and Meat Co-Op
  • Lindon Farmers Market
  • Orem Farmers Market
  • Lehi Farmers Market
  • Utah County Popup Markets (Cedar Hills & Alpine)


My sweet daughter easily whipped up these beautiful chocolate cupcakes! They were soo delicious! Perfect chocolatey texture! Honestly it was a little surprising that they were gluten free/dairy free and everything else free! Well done!!!” – Anna, RusticScoop.com Review

I love the pancake and waffle mix! The pancakes were fluffy and made a tall, thick stack. I added blueberries and my non-gluten free family loved them, not knowing they were gluten free! I froze the extras and they tasted just as great after being reheated.” – Frankie C, RusticScoop.com Review

Just the way I wanted! I like a crunchy, flat bread type crust. I am a senior living alone so making 9 x 6 inch thin pizza crust was perfect solution to enjoying pizza with a few leftover slices. Freezing the remaining par crusts worked well.” – Liz V., RusticScoop.com Review


Cedar Hills, Utah

  • 9449 N Canyon Rd
  • Cedar Hills, Utah 84062
  • 888-208-5580

Laura Cooper

Rustic Scoop™ is a family run business in Cedar Hills, Utah. We live with multiple food allergies, celiac disease, and food restrictions for health reasons. Nearly 17 years ago, our family began our “free-from” journey. We suffered through a lot of subpar food over the years as our “free-from” life began. As we added to our family, all three of our girls had food allergies and/or celiac disease. The list of foods that we all had to avoid was long and daunting. We haven’t ever let hardships keep us from enjoying life (and food) to the fullest and you should not either! While we were living in Africa, over a decade ago with our kids, we dove head first into baking everything from scratch. Eating from scratch while there was imperative to our health and wellbeing. We learned how to bake all of the “free from” basics from scratch and found joy in doing it. When we returned to the states we realized that we not only could save money and time by continuing to bake from scratch, but we could eat far more healthy and safe foods this way too.

For the last 10+ years we have been creating every recipe we could imagine to fit all of our “free-from” needs. There was no bar, so we set out to make anything and everything we wanted. We began feeding our family and friends as a way to ensure the safety of our own family. Our family and friends loved the food that we made. When we least expected it, we were asked to bake for a large local organization. It was an offer we couldn’t let go so we began business planning. Two years later, we opened Rustic Scoop™ in May of 2020. Yep, we opened at the height of Covid. That was when we were ready to open so we decided to open knowing that with all of the shutdowns people with food restrictions would be affected more than the general population. We feel thankful to live in Utah and love getting plugged into our local community. It has been quite a journey and one we are thankful for