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Ki Coffee

Coffee Culture Subscription Box

Ki Coffee box is a quarterly subscription box that focuses on how others drink coffee all around the world. Have you ever had coffee from Spain? Have you ever added egg yolk to your coffee like in Vietnam? Our boxes connect you to coffee culture and history and each box includes everything you need to make coffee drinks from different countries right at home! It has all the coffee, recipes, ingredients and tools that you need to travel the world of coffee. No box is the same so you’ll always be traveling and drinking coffee from somewhere new! Happy Coffee Travels!

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Can Be Found Here:

  • Daybreak Farmers Market – South Jordan
  • Craft Lake City – SLC
  • Snowbasin’s SnowWiesn – Huntsville
  • Avenues Street Fair – SLC
  • 9th and 9th Street Festival – SLC
  • Park Silly – Park City
  • Online


Draper, Utah

  • Draper, Utah 84020

Brooke Hundley
Head Coffee Nerd

I’m passionate about three things. Traveling, food, and coffee! I love just about every single thing about coffee. There is so much to learn and experience and I firmly believe that there is a type of coffee for everyone. I’ve been a barista, coffee shop manager, and helped in opening a couple of coffee shops. I love reading books on coffee, taking courses, trying new coffee shops, learning coffee history and talking about coffee!

Coffee has a side of it that no one really thinks about, which is, how do others drink coffee all around the world and why do they drink it that way? My mission is to connect our world by telling the stories of coffee and bring excitement and awareness to coffee culture to those who are just as passionate about coffee as I am!