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Acrely Farms

Hand Grown Hemp with Love

We are a boutique hemp farm in the beautiful mountains of Utah. Our dream of bringing high quality CBD to our community was founded with the love of plants and organic growing practices. We realize the amazing health and wellness benefits of hemp and are excited to share our carefully crafted small batch products with you.

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Awesome company with great products! Acrely Farms produces some of the nicest and well intentioned products on the market. Their hemp extract oil tastes amazing and the Gold Oil is simply divine to run on your skin! The owners of this company have an impeccable attention to detail and truly care about the quality of their products. If you are looking for CBD and other hemp products, look no further!” – Victoria Wylde, Google Review

I love your products. I am trying hemp extract for the first time from what I ordered and am amazed. My achy hip goes away probably within 5 minutes. My sleep is deep but no lingering grogginess. I feel your hemp extract is awesome quality. I am sold on its effectiveness. Thanks so much!” – Rebecca Hamilton, Facebook Review

Emphatically impressed with the benefits of Acrely Farms Hemp Extract, for 2 specific reasons…Inflammation Reduction: I absolutely destroyed my feet on a heavy 12mi hike in bad shoes a couple nights ago. So, for the last 2 nights, I’ve done a deep CBD rub on my feet and ankles pre-sleep, and honestly, my feet are feeling great, healing fast, blisters and all. Even with a decent hike last night too. Sleep Quality: 1 full dropper about 30min before bed gives me some of the most consistent quality recharging sleep I’ve had in a very long time. No more 2am wide-awake wakeups, I now just sleep right through the night. I’m just finishing up my second bottle and honestly, I don’t want to run out!” – Richard Webb, Facebook Review

Salt Lake City, Utah

  • Salt Lake City, Utah 84015
  • 801-671-1298

Britney & Sarah

Engaging with the land is in our roots. With our diverse backgrounds in agriculture and medical research, we share a common interest in health and wellness. A deep love for the land is part of our history and family lineage. Holistic agricultural practices that create connections between the land, plants, and people are at our core.