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Gary’s Candy

“Little girl, you’d better learn how to make this candy. It may help you make a living someday.” This prophetic advice was given to Annora Coleman Boden when she worked in a candy factory in Wales. Widowed early in life, Annora made candy in Brigham city to sustain herself and her 11 children during the early days of Utah pioneer settlements.

Now, the nostaglic candy stick is made by her great-great grandson (5th generation) in Hyrum, Utah and still sold in Brigham City.  Classic flavors like peppermint, clover, licorice, wintergreen or lemon promise to transport the taster to a time of Utah’s simplest beginnings.

Can Be Found Here:

  • Call Gary for Direct Orders
  • Idle Isle Candy: 41 S Main St, Brigham City