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Rocky Top Fruit Farm

We specialize in u-pick fruit. Our goal is to provide a healthy alternative to what you can purchase in the store or at roadside stands. You know exactly where your fruit came from. You know exactly when it was picked. You know exactly who has been handling your fruit! We grow sweet cherries, peaches, apples and berries. We are extending the current dead end road to bring our customers right to our new shed. We have future plans for an animal display of chickens, goats, etc. to enjoy.

We have our own beehives and extract our own honey and you can buy it here! These hives NEVER leave our property.  The bees are not in some neighbor’s sprayed yards. We have sheep to the south and cows to the north. The honey is raw and has an excellent flavor. We extract it by spinning and screening and not heating.

Our philosophy is if we feed our animals and our trees with healthy nutrients, they will not get sick. We use as many organic pest control methods as possible. Occasionally we have to spray for something as we monitor pests, but avoid this at all costs when there is fruit ready to pick. Our cherries are definitely grown and cared for organically. We do as much trapping as possible in our peaches and apples. Our berries are never sprayed for pests after they begin setting blossoms.

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  • Our U-Pick Farm


Excellent, giant blackberries! My kids and I loved picking twice this summer!

Katelyn Payne Lowe,

Facebook Review

We came to pick peaches, and we loved it! So fun, easy, and delicious. They take cards, which was a great surprise. Would definitely recommend.

Brinlee Wilkes,

Facebook Review

My mom, sister, and I stumbled upon Phelps Fruit and Berry Farm 2 weeks ago. It is a hidden gem! Signs clearly mark the way to the farm. There’s parking very close to the fruit trees. We picked peaches and they were super delicious! It was easy to pay and we even picked up some jam! I brought my college roommates back yesterday and we were just as pleased! We each got some jam and this time we picked a whole box of peaches! We can hardly wait for them to ripen!

Kristie Hinckley,

Facebook Review

Burgess Orchard

Our 17-acre Burgess Family Orchard is owned and operated in Alpine, Utah. All fruit is sold at a roadside stand on the farm that is open from August to December. We grow six varieties of apples including Fuji, Golden Delicious, Jonagold, Gala, and Honeycrisp. You’ll also find Red Haven, Roza, Suncrest, Early Elberta, Zee Lady, Diamond Princess, Summer Lady, Angelus, and O’Henry peaches.

Be sure to take advantage of our new pre-order system and we will send you a confirmation to pick up your order when your favorite varieties become available. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram to keep up-to-date on all the news.


Love the friendly service, and excellent produce! My husband and I go through 2 boxes of peaches a week easily; they are that good!

Maddie Durant,

Facebook Review

We love their peaches. Best I’ve ever had! We buy at least 20lbs each year and jar them (if we don’t eat them all first!)

Hayley Peterson,

Facebook Review

We look forward to the amazing peaches every year!

Cami Moody,

Facebook Review

Zollinger’s Fruit & Tree Farm

Located on the Eastern Bench of Cache Valley, Utah, the Zollinger Fruit and Tree Farm grows high-quality produce and nursery products for both retail and wholesale.

The diversity of products has grown to include over 80 varieties of ornamental and fruit trees as well as a wide variety of shrubs and perennials. In the fall, apples are still harvested and sold to a local fresh market. Many of the 13 apple varieties are blended to make the apple cider, which the Zollinger family is so well known for.

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