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Hadfield House

Enjoy a variety of jellies comprised of spicy peppers and assorted fruits made with love.

Our Jalapeno based jellies are nice and mild and we have 4 flavors to choose from: Jalapeño with bell pepper, Peach Jalapeño, Strawberry Jalapeño and Raspberry Jalapeño. We have two options for the Chipotle lovers: Raspberry and Cherry. The jalapeños are smoked and then blended with an adobo sauce to create the smokey flavor that makes this a great substitute for barbeque sauce. If you are looking for some heat with the sweet, our Strawberry Thai Chili and Basil will hit the spot. You’ll get the strawberry sweetness with a medium-level spice and finish nicely with a hint of Thai basil. And then we have our Habanero options: Mango Pineapple and Blackberry. We have balanced the amazing flavor of each fruit with the right amount of spice. These are our two hottest/spiciest flavors.

Although each of our flavors pair extremely well with cream cheese, brie, etc., they can also be added to charcuterie boards and used as a glaze for meats.

Can Be Found Here:

  • Downtown SLC Farmer’s Market
  • Daybreak Farmer’s Market
  • Herriman Farmer’s Market
  • West Valley Farmer’s Market
  • Liberty Park Farmer’s Market


We bought some at a farmers market and it is Amazing !!!!! I have almost consumed a jar in like 3 days as one person. I don’t even like jalapeño jelly. It is legit!! The makers were happy and fun and they make incredible and affordable jelly!! I’m now an addict.” – Kassidy Christensen Koch, Facebook Review

They make superb spicy jelly. There is a flavor and spice-level for every palate. HIGHLY recommended.” – Randall Booth, Facebook Review

If you like spicy jam you gotta try em. Blackberry habanero and strawberry Thai chili were the two we went home with, but we will be back for the others.” – Wolfie O’Malley, Facebook Review

Jam it Up

Jam It Up, LLC , jams just like Grandma used to make with a twist. We use only the freshest ingredients to make Utah’s Best jam.

In 2014 we decided to create something different from what most people have tried but something everyone would enjoy. Our peppers combined with fresh fruit is a treat everyone can experience, whether it’s with crackers and cream cheese or used as a glaze on pork, beef, chicken or fish.

We temper the heat of the Jalapeno, Habanero, Ghost and Carolina Reaper peppers. Once we combine them with our fresh fruit you’ll be hooked for life. We also have several varieties without peppers including three different Rhubarb jams, a Spiced Plum that tastes just like Christmas in your mouth, a seedless Red Raspberry and Seedless Strawberry.

Customers are always contacting us with different ways they use our jams. One fan put some of our Pineapple Habanero on top of his fish tacos and now it’s a fan favorite. Others use them with crackers and cream cheese, on top of bagels and as a glaze on top of meats. Our Cranberry Jalapeno Jam, Cranberry Habanero Jam and Spiced Plum Jelly are everyone’s favorite during the holidays.

We offer over 30 varieties of jams as well as gift baskets and shipping throughout the United Sates.

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Can Be Found Here

  • Provo Farmer’s Market
  • Lemon and Sage Market
  • Nil’s Swedish Creamery


The best Rhubarb based jams I have ever had. Way too many companies add too much sugar, and it over powers the tart/sour of the Rhubarb. In their jam, you can taste the tart/sour rhubarb perfectly, and it is followed with such a complimented sweet. Seriously well done. OH….and the reaper raspberry…yeah…it’s no joke! Pairs very well with a good puff pastry wrapped brie.” – Jacob Harris, Facebook Review

This jam is delicious!! I use it on sandwiches and pour it over cream cream to eat with crackers. The owners are delightful! Will order again and again!” – Sue Siegrist Wilkes, Facebook Review

You literally can taste the homemade freshness in every bite. We order by mail usually and typically buy all of the flavors at once to serve at home or give as gifts, but have also ordered just two for a coworker a couple of times. Can’t say enough about Jam It Up!” – Celeste Cookson Bernstein, Facebook Review