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Jafflz Sandwiches

From whipper snappers to the young at heart, everyone loves Jafflz. What’s not to love about a toasted pocket sandwich stuffed with sweet or savory fillings?

Based on the classic South African pocket sandwich, our Jafflz are the ideal grab-and-go food for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. These retro toasted pocket sandwiches are stuffed with globally-inspired fillings and toasted in “Jaffle irons” over a grill. The resulting sandwich, is a sealed pocket with a deliciously-melted and cooked center.

We offer a big selection of Jafflz made with natural ingredients and no hormones or antibiotics.  With gluten free, vegan and kid friendly options also available, our mission is to provide delicious, nutritious, locally-sourced and globally-inspired food in a quick and approachable way

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I was so excited to finally be able to purchase Jafflz at a grocery store! I put a refrigerated Vegan Goa Jafflz in the microwave for 1 minute and then popped it in the toaster and it was the PERFECT, PORTABLE, and HEALTHY breakfast option for my morning drive to the airport! Delicious!!

Anne Sadove,

Facebook Review

Wow, this is not just a food, it’s a total life experience!! Who would think you could take such simple, basic ingredients and create a totally awesome, healthy, delicious meal?? We met Meryl, founder and creator of Jafflz, while at Park city on the Main Street stroll in July 2015. We subsequently visited the Silver Creek location and now they have a shop on Main Street. the shop if warm, friendly and comfortable so you can eat there too.

Here is the lowdown: deliciously warm, scrumptious round pie-like sandwiches or all kinds. I have yet to taste one I don’t love. they use a local bread and also have gluten free. You can have beef, chicken, veggie, egg and even PB&J. these are going to sweep the country. the price is very inexpensive and the meal is satisfying every time.

Here is my advice, if you have a working mouth, you should head to Jafflz immediately and sample one or more of these. If you don’t you may die someday without ever really reaching the pinnacle!!

David Hauptman,

Facebook Review

Delicious and nutritious food to comfort the soul. The staff is friendly , efficient, and oh so helpful. This food is perfect to take with you on the go.

Lois Macri,

Facebook Review