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True Leaf Market

True Leaf, LLC is the result of the merger of two Utah companies; Mountain Valley Seed Company and Living Whole Foods. Both prior companies have roots back to the 1970s and joined forces in 2014. Together the company offers a huge selection of seeds including garden, herb, flower and other specialty seeds and growing kits like sprouts, microgreens, wheatgrass and more. True Leaf is a Certified Organic company and offers a huge selection of conventional, heirloom and organic seeds.

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Great experience overall! Exceptional service, excellent product. I’ll be coming back!

Matthew Mecham,

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Nova Granola

Named for the supernovas that always caught Jane’s attention, Nova Granola began in 2010 as a search for the perfect granola.

As a runner, a teacher, and a whole food junkie, Jane was always on the lookout for quality foods. But she could never find a granola that was as healthy as it was good, or as good as it was healthy. Each bite came up too oily, sweet, grainy or hard to eat. So she set out to make her own.

With a family recipe in one hand and a vision in the other, she developed a recipe that used only whole, natural ingredients hand-selected by Jane herself. Using a dehydrator for the texture she wanted, she created the granola she had been searching for. And just like that: Nova Granola. Over the next four years, three more flavors were added: Citrus, Mango-Cherry, and Raspberry-Chocolate.

Why Supernovas?

“I am totally in awe of outer space and the beauty that comes from star explosions and galaxy dust. I get just as excited about food as I do about observing nebulae. I believe eating experiences should be as one-of-a-kind and exciting as a supernova.”

—Jane Fenton, Creator, Nova Granola

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Waterpocket Distillery

Utah’s 13th licensed distillery produces a range of innovative craft spirits. Their Long Lost™ line of liqueurs recreates and reinterprets forgotten and out-of-production spirits from the golden age of botanical liqueurs in the 18th and 19th centuries. The first of these is called Oread, which is based on a formula from the city of Danzig (now Gdansk in Poland), and uses orange peel, star anise, sage, cinnamon, and ginger among other botanicals. The Toadstool™ line focuses on the deep tradition of amaros, bitters, and kräuterlikör (Ger., “herbal liqueur”) from Europe and elsewhere. The first is called Notom, named after a sleepy desert hamlet just outside of Capitol Reef National Park, gets bitterness from gentian and rhubarb root, but balances it with anise, fennel, cinnamon, and clove. Lower in sugar than similar products, the botanicals do the heavy lifting in the classic digestive style liqueur. Rum is made from raw materials at the distillery, using turbinado sugar and blackstrap molasses. And the distillery has also released an outsourced whiskey under the Robbers Roost label. Gin, kummel, and other products are planned.

Two custom made pot stills from Muller in Germany form the heart of the distillery. The larger still features advanced rectification technology and is used for fermented products. The smaller produces botanical liqueurs, extracts, and will be used for fruit brandies and eau-de-vies in the future. The energy for the plant is produced by a small steam boiler from Columbia. This produces ample steam for still operation, mashing, and the hot water the distillery uses. A development and quality control lab stays in continuous use. The distillers use a state-of-the-art Buchi rotovap vacuum distillation unit to develop, test, and quality control spirits. Experimentation and development with a wide range of tradition botanicals forms a cornerstone interest for the distillers.

A key value of the distillery is to explore the unique potential of Utah for distillation products. The state produces grain, a wide range of botanicals, and numerous fruits suitable for fermentation and distillation. The terrain could support grapes, wine, and so brandy. Mountain areas may hold the potential to grow alpine herbs or berries. There are many challenges to owning and operating a distillery in Utah. But the owners believe the solution lies with developing a group of connoisseurs and spirit lovers who share a love of this state and it’s unique potential for innovative and delicious products.

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You can tell that Waterpocket focuses on making an amazing product first and everything else follows. Stop by here for their small batch product releases, we keep going back for more.

Joey Jonaitis,

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Salt of the Earth: A Limitless Production

We make a variety of gourmet season salts! We started with our original blend, which was Nicole’s grandfather’s recipe. We call it the OG, because it was the “original gangsta” season salt! From there, we created 9 more recipes, finding inspiration from our beautiful state of Utah to the ocean in San Diego. Our season salts are all blended in small batches to ensure a perfect result every time! We use Redmond Real salt, Pink Himalayan and Hawaiian salts in our blends, specifically because they are on the healthy end of the salt spectrum! You get all of the natural minerals found in these salts and you don’t need to use very much to get the impact of flavor you’re looking for.

We use fresh local ingredients to create delicious blends like the Salt City Bandito! This salt uses Redmond Real Salt, lime, cilantro and jalapeno! This is GREAT on chicken, vegetables and in guacamole. If you’re in the mood to do some grilling try our Big Kahuna! This salt features black hawaiian salt and black garlic! Black garlic is garlic that has been aged to perfection and carries a sweet balsamic flavor. Our season salts are all gluten free, no MSG, no GMO, no soy, dairy free but FLAVOR-FULL!

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Great balanced flavor in all the season salts! My favorite is the OG, I use it on almost everything. In addition to tasting great, SOTE supports youth who are at risk. #staysalty

Jennifer Johnson Howell,

Facebook Review

Just bought three at the Gardner Village Farmer’s Market and they are DYNAMITE! Definitely going to be purchasing again. And again. And again.

Matthew Mallory Siemionko,

Facebook Review

Salt of the Earth is tasty stuff. I personally love the O.G., Lei’d Back Mexican and My Cousin Vinny varieties. But even better than the salts (which really are good!) are the people behind this great company who teach customer service, business skills and social skills to high school students with disabilities or other struggles. Awesome company, awesome product.

Jennifer Glick Swan,

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Carefree Foods

Carefree Foods started when a young couple wished to see a wider variety of ready-to-eat, plant-based foods in their local grocery stores. The mission: to create access to tasty, crave-worthy foods that anyone can feel good about eating.

Our first vegan-friendly product is a tasty and versatile alternative to cheese sauce. We call it “Chease”. This stuff is one of a kind, because it is made without any dairy, tree nuts, soy, or gluten. It is free from any food allergen that is known to be worth mentioning! Use it as a dip, a topping, an ingredient while cooking… the possibilities are endless.

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Brooke & Bradford

We here at Brooke & Bradford believe that you should never need a dictionary to read a food label. Since the very beginning, we have made our products convenient and healthy. Our products are all clean label, which means that you know all of the ingredients, and they are probably already in your refrigerator or pantry. Our products are certified gluten-free by GFCO. All of our products are all-natural and preservative-free. Instead of using fillers and chemicals to make our products taste amazing, we use a wide variety of spices, vegetables and meats to create a broad and unique taste profile that has proven to be popular with our customers.

Currently, we are producing instant soups in cups and pouches, individual ingredient Pantry Packs®, gourmet sea salts and peppercorns, as well as beautiful organic loose leaf teas. In addition, we sell kitchen and tea ware.

We use only the highest quality ingredients in our products, and you will be able to taste the difference. Our products are produced under USDA and FDA inspection, so not only are our products quick, convenient and tasty, they are also produced safely and most importantly- they are made with love.

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Trail Truffles

Trail Truffles was founded on the principle of marrying the goodness of nature (the Trail) with the decadence of a bite-size Truffle. The result is an indulgent, all-natural energy bite that is unique to the natural food market. The outer “chocolate” shell enrobes an inner truffle “cream”—all of which is supplied by nature’s simple (and delicious!) ingredients.

Since Trail Truffles uses nature’s superfoods in each and every energy bite, these Truffles deliver healthful energy + vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants without sacrificing taste. Our current flavors of Peanut Butter Cup, Mint Creme, Coconut Macadamia, and Chocolate Hazelnut truly are the crossroads of where “nature meets indulgence.”

These trail-tough, decadent snacks have no refined sugars, gluten, dairy, GMO, soy or preservatives. In addition, Trail Truffles’ energy bites are based on the principle of needing to be both rugged and portable, which enables its customers to enjoy the outdoors without fear of smashing, melting, or leaking.

Portability, nutrition, and decadence are all captured in each and every Trail Truffle. A trifecta of goodness in a bite-size package.

See you on the Trail.

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I’ve tried the Coconut, Mint, and Peanut Butter flavors and they’re amazing! For such little ingredients, these trail truffles definitely pack a great amount of flavor into one small bite. They’re a great quick-bite type of treat to keep your energy up during the day.

Tracy Adams,

Facebook Review

I’ve tried a couple of the flavors so far and they’re so good! They’re something I can snack on that are delicious but I still feel good about eating. I’ve been eating these with my breakfast, bringing them to work to snack on throughout the day, and even using them as an easy after-meal treat.

Courtney Rogers,

Facebook Review

Trail Truffles are a great alternative to eating energy bars while on the trail. They aren’t dry and hard to choke down like most energy bars and they taste exactly 1 billion times better than most protein bars I’ve tasted. They’re great for pre run or bike fuel and for enjoying on top of a mountain peak!

Chandler Blake,

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Ben’s Brews

“A better way to coffee” isn’t just a company tag line, it is how we  do business. From making great, refreshing cold brew to supporting local LGBTQ communities and others, its all there in every bottle.

Our cold brew coffee is smooth, delicious, and made accessible to the regular coffee drinker. We currently offer our cold brew in both a ready-to-drink bottle and concentrate. With a natural sweetness and notes of chocolate, you won’t need all the sugar, creamer, and added calories to have an awesome cup of coffee!

Many may think cold brew coffee is only good on a hot summer day, but it makes an awesome cup of hot coffee as well. With 67% less acidity than a traditional hot brew coffee, you will get a smooth, drinkable black coffee that gives you the same pick-me-up without all the bitter.

Our concentrate is incredibly versatile. Just add water; hot for those morning joe’s and cold/ice for your afternoon refresher. Try adding it to cocktails, chocolate recipes, or some amazing coffee popsicles. So much more than just a drink in every bottle.

Watch our website or instagram for locations and seasonal flavors!

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We make HOT spice blends featuring local Utah liquor! We are based in Lehi and do our blending and dehydrating in Lindon, Utah.  Using hot spices in new culinary areas has been increasing to many areas including BBQing, crafty cocktails, hot tabletop blends and the fast food industry has even jumped onto the bandwagon too.

Infusing spice blends with local Utah liquors add flavor and complexity to spice blends that cannot be found anywhere else.  The boom in local craft distillers making amazing world class award-winning spirits gives us some of the most amazing spirits to use in our blends and rubs

Each blend has a HOT profile geared to bring heat to different dishes without just making a face-melting painful dish.

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We rarely eat anything that is not spicy but we want flavor as well as heat – these spices are perfect! #spankresponsibly

Melody Shepley Bain,

Facebook Review

These spices really add a spark to boring veggies. Add a burst to your baked potato. Glazed carrots are no longer boring. And my favorite —broccoli and rice.

These tastebud treats aren’t just for meats!


Cheryl Papay Salmon,

Facebook Review

We can’t get enough! It’s our go to for all cooking.

Virginia Austin,

Facebook Review

Rustic Tomato

Three Generations or maybe even more have perfected a timeless tradition of homemade Chili Sauce. Not the spicy ketchup, hot sauce or sirracha sauces seen today. Rustic Tomato Chili Sauce uses vine ripened tomatoes, crisp green bell peppers and fresh onions for a precise fusion with Grandma’s spices to make a versatile and mouthwatering masterpiece. We took the original, what we call Sweet & Savory, and kicked it up some notches by introducing a few other flavors- Smokey Chipotle, Sweet Heat and Habanero Heat.

It all started from Grandma’s original recipe of 100% natural, no additives, made-from-scratch chili sauce. Today, this same family recipe is the foundation for Rustic Tomato Chili Sauce and the perfect balance of mouth-watering flavors. Each brings it own distinct and unique layer of taste and heat.

Jason and Brittany Moffat own and manage the company in Draper, Utah. Started in 2016.

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Sweet Heat. I LOVE it. Dangerously good. Seriously!

Roxanne, Website Review