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Are you looking for that one of a king treat to delight your day? Our traditionally made butter mint candies are just that. A family tradition brought back to life as a way to celebrate life’s special moments. We make old fashioned butter mint candies using a unique blend of natural ingredients. Then we combine those ingredients with a hint of pure essential oil to produce a wide array of bold and refreshing flavors. You’ll find that our unique blend delivers a refreshing and balanced touch of buttery sweetness in every bite.

Give a tender kiss of buttery sweetness to your loved ones when you give the the gift or our irresistible butter mint candies. The traditional morsel of buttery sweetness that makes everyday special. Because at here at Buttermints we believe that everyday is a day to celebrate. And isn’t it time for you to celebrate with us?

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Can I just say, Yum!! My husband brought me some creme-de-menth just now and I am in heaven. They are melt in your mouth good!! Thank you for this delicious goodness.” – Tyra Leavitt, Facebook Review

Gary’s Candy

“Little girl, you’d better learn how to make this candy. It may help you make a living someday.” This prophetic advice was given to Annora Coleman Boden when she worked in a candy factory in Wales. Widowed early in life, Annora made candy in Brigham city to sustain herself and her 11 children during the early days of Utah pioneer settlements.

Now, the nostaglic candy stick is made by her great-great grandson (5th generation) in Hyrum, Utah and still sold in Brigham City.  Classic flavors like peppermint, clover, licorice, wintergreen or lemon promise to transport the taster to a time of Utah’s simplest beginnings.

Can Be Found Here:

  • Call Gary for Direct Orders
  • Idle Isle Candy: 41 S Main St, Brigham City


Elden Foods Honey

100% Pure Raw Honey – that’s where we start.  We take care that our honey is kept as close to nature as possible.

Elden Foods Honey is:

Gravity separated, not force filtered; it retains all the enzymes/pollen

Kept at Raw temperatures

Harvested via organic processes 

100% Pure Honey – never mixed with lower quality honeys

We take pride in keeping our honey raw, chemical and pesticide free, and as close to nature as it gets. When you taste Elden Foods honey, it should always taste like you went out to your local bee-keepers backyard hive: Delicious, Sweet, and Natural.

Creamed Honey

Creamed honey can be a real treat, a little sweeter than regular because of the crystallization, a more robust flavor, and a whole lot nicer to use!

It can be tricky to get a real nice, smooth creamed honey that’s not too solid, and not too liquid., all while being extra smooth. We’d like to think we found just the right consistency, soft enough to spread on warm toast, but firm enough to stay on the spreading knife. Of course, all of our creamed honey meets the same high standards as our regular honey. Still raw, still unfiltered, still 100% Pure Honey.

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Can be found here:

  • Legacy Foods Storage
  • Elden Foods farm
  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Lindel Books and Gifts
  • John’s Marketplace
  • Lee’s Marketplace
  • Reams
  • Farmers Markets


Some of the best honey I’ve tasted, the people running this place are nice, Thank You!


Google Review

Cache Toffee

We’re committed to creating our purely irresistible handcrafted toffee with unique flavor combinations and excellent ingredients–many of which are local. We make toffee in small batches using fresh local butter and cream, renowned Solstice Chocolate and an array of high quality natural ingredients. Our toffee is made fresh and preservative free and is best enjoyed at room temperature. It can be refrigerated or frozen for up to six months.

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Can be found here:

  • Whole Foods, Trolley Square
  • Whole Foods, Sugarhouse
  • Whole Foods, Park City
  • The Market, Park City
  • The Store, Salt Lake City
  • Harmons City Creek
  • Harmons 7th Street
  • Harmons Station Park

Farmhouse Fudge

Farmhouse Fudge is located on a small organic farm just outside of Moab, UT. We’ve been pleasing the sweet tooth with delicious confections since 2011. We are a small family owned company and believe in making fudge the old fashioned way resulting in creamy goodness. We make every batch of fudge by hand in our commercial kitchen, right here on the farm.

We only use sweet cream butter, fresh cream, pure cane sugar and the best Belgian chocolate available. Every batch is made by hand and stirred and stirred and stirred until it is just right, then quickly packaged and shipped to arrive fresh at your doorstep. We believe in doing things right….the first time. We do not freeze, shrink wrap or vacuum seal our fudge. That way you can be assured you are receiving a fresh product. Our fudge is shipped fresh 2-3 days after you place your order by USPS priority mail, six days a week.

We carry, on average, over 40 different flavors to choose from with the addition of seasonal offerings throughout the year. Most of our fudge flavors are gluten free and we have recently added a line a vegan flavors to our offerings. Our products are available on our website, at gift shops, craft fairs, farmer’s markets, festivals and wineries. In addition, we also specialize in fundraisers and corporate gift giving.

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Can be found here:

  • ETSY


Very delicious fudge! I will definitely be buying again. Thanks so much!


Etsy Review

Great birthday gift! Who doesn’t like sweets!


Etsy Review

My fiancé & I have enjoyed all three flavors I ordered! Red Velvet, Chocolate, & Turtle are amazing. I ordered pretty early as a present and they were able to send it out right before the date so the fudge would be fresh which is great.


Etsy Review

Rockhouse Toffee

Experience Rockhouse Toffee—fresh, handmade toffee with natural ingredients and no preservatives. Our gourmet toffee includes fresh almonds, butter, sugar and chocolate cooked to perfection. Order in bulk for an upcoming family fathering or corporate event or you have your order include creative gift packaging for a special someone. Bulk price is $1.25 per ounce.

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Gib’s Gourmet

Do you have that one special recipe that people tell you, “wow that’s so good you should sell it?”

Well we do, and we’re happy to be able to share it with Utah.  We’re Gib’s Gourmet, and we’re not shy to say we make –hands down- the world’s greatest caramel corn!   We figure, if you’ve got to have a snack it better be good, and that’s why we only use all natural ingredients. Our popcorn, presently available in English Toffee and Sweet and Salted Caramel,  is rich and buttery and will satisfy even the worst case of the munchies, Guaranteed!

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Can be found here:

  • Frei’s Fruit Market
    2895 Santa Clara Dr
    Santa Clara, UT 84765

Sweet Candy Company

Sweet Candy Company, “confectionately” known as Sweet’s, has been making quality taffy, milk chocolate and dark chocolate Orange Sticks, and cinnamon bears for more than 120 years. We also make an array of gourmet chocolate candies, holiday candy, sugar free candy, and nostalgic candy.

We are proud to be an American company and honored to be part of Utah’s great history. Since 1892, we have been dedicated to quality candies that become tradition in your homes. In honoring tradition and quality, we are kosher certified, gluten-free certified, and BRC certified for global food safety.

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Can be found here:

    3780 West Directors Row


My FAVORITE candy in the world…raspberry chocolate sticks!!! BEST candy ever!!!

Kirsten Deremer,

Facebook Review

We love the fruit sticks and naturally flavored sweets!

Amy Whodatt,

Facebook Review

Sweets Cinnamon Bears are THE BEST EVER …ANYWHERE!!!

Becky Lindsey,

Facebook Review

Bluebird Candy Company

Since 1914, the Bluebird Candy Company has created fine hand-dipped candies from the candy factory located in Logan, Utah. We are very proud to use only the finest ingredients with no preservatives or waxes. We source local berries, honey, and cream from Cache Valley. And our candy centers are made daily. Each center is hand-dipped and given a unique signature for identifying your favorite.

Our assorted chocolates include caramel, cream, cherry, chew, truffle, and nut centers in milk and dark chocolate. We are famous for our original O’Aggie Bar as well as our Caramel Almond Bar, Chocolate Caramel Bar, Toffee Bar, Peanut Butter Crisp Bar, Rocky Road Bar, Penuche Fudge Bar, and Mint Fudge Bar—to name a few. We also offer toffee, brittle, popcorn, fudge, and salted nuts. Our gift baskets are popular all year round and gift cards are available. No holiday spread is complete without Bluebird candies, so order yours today.

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Bluebird chocolates are my favorite! Caramel Brazil is heaven…yum!

Angela Miller,

Facebook Review

I grew up on these yummy chocolates, my favorite is the “Merry Widow” if you have never tried them do yourself a favor and buy some.

Janet Parson,

Facebook Review

We had a great time at the factory tour this morning, it was lovely to meet the staff and the ladies doing the dipping! The chocolates we tasted in the store AND the ones we took home were delicious. Thanks again!

Stephanie Western,

Facebook Review

The Forbidden Fruit

The Forbidden Fruit is a gourmet “Sweet Shoppe” specializing in the production and distribution of caramel apples along with a host of other confections including fabulous fudge, chocolate dipped strawberries, frozen bananas, pebbled ice in a variety of fruit flavors, chocolate dipped pretzel rods, caramel popcorn, caramel marshmallow wands, fruit flavored lemonades, gourmet cookies cake pops, and other baked goods.  We cater weddings with caramel apple sundaes and our candy buffets are spectacular!  Think of us when you need a really impressive gift basket filled with unique treats.

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Can be found here:

    100 West Main Street


I absolutely love this place! They have the most amazing candy apples and fudge!

Kate Wilkins,

Facebook Review

I love this place – the best apples ever!

Meran Kay,

Facebook Review

I love their apples. Everything I have tried is delicious !!

Tammy Lyons,

Facebook Review