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Utah’s Own Women-Owned Businesses

Six Utah's Own Women-Owned Business Stories

Melissa Neyring
Base Camp Treats

“Within a year, my household lost an income, I gave birth to our third baby and our home was damaged by hurricane force winds. On top of that, I was swimming in deep waters of postpartum depression and anxiety and were struggling to make it to Christmas financially. I coped by freeze drying in my basement kitchen, thinking, at least we’ll have food.

The blessings poured in from there!  I started taking my treats to family gatherings, shared them with friends and made neighbor gifts. We gave our kids the most amazing Christmas that year, made our first TV appearances and attended many markets and special events. We grew fast! I found myself coming out of the depths of PPD and finding purpose again. I saw God’s hand in it all, every detail. I see how my treats are the TOOL to bring joint peoples lives and to serve.”

Laura Huffman
Vivian’s Live Again

“Laura Huffman noted a problem within her community – she attended a church youth camp with a severely dairy allergic girl and church ladies who only knew how to cook with canned cream soup. She recalled, “The thought of this girl feeling excluded by food was troubling, so I created a gluten and dairy free soup replacement. The church ladies did not have to change their cooking style, but everyone could eat together.

We began as Wheat Free Nutrition in 2011. In 2013, we changed the name of our products to Vivian’s Live Again to honor our mother and grandmother’s (Vivian’s) legacy of sharing love through food and to reflect our desire to restore favorite flavors and textures to our gluten free and dairy free friends.”

Sylvia Kapsandoy
Amboseli Foods

“As a girl growing up in Kenya, I savored the moments I spent with my mother in the kitchen, watching her take advantage of our local spices and fresh ingredients to create sensational dishes.

Those unforgettable moments in the kitchen, learning how spices injected love into my mother’s cooking and made it special, led me to create Amboseli Foods a business that celebrates quality spices from across the globe.”

Petra Vigil
Petra’s Backstubchen

“I was raised in a small town in Germany called Kliding. As a young child, I enjoyed watching my mother bake. Through observation and direct instruction, I learned the basics of cooking, which turned into a passion for baking.

When I was 18 years old, I purchased my first baking book, which I still use today for several of my recipes. I have always enjoyed baking for family and friends, and always had a strong desire to have my own bakery.”

Ethne Nethercott
Utah Infinity Gardens

“After beating cancer in my early 30s, I felt the call to return to my “roots” and spend more time with nature. I devoured YouTube videos and soon had a thriving patio full of fresh grown food.

When I purchased my first house, I converted the backyard into a foodscape with beautiful, thriving garden boxes. Today I own my own urban farm.”

Agostina Alvarez & Valentina Udabe
Tina’s Bakery

“We were raised enjoying a meal with our family and friends all together around a big table. We would spent hours sharing the most memorable moments while having amazing food.

Food is our love language. With a hint of South American flavors, we would love to share with you our passion and love for food, friendship and family.​”