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Utah fruit season is officially here – and what better way to begin the season than with Utah’s official state fruit: Cherries. Utah farmers produce both sweet cherry and tart cherry varieties. Sweet cherries are always seasonal (even at the local grocery store) and simply eaten as a nutritious snack.

In Utah, sweet cherries are susceptible to late spring frost or low pollination rates. They’re also a preferred snack to many birds. Therefore, the season generally lasts about three weeks, with different varieties.

Here are some Utah’s Own members that may have cherries available to purchase at farmstands, farmers markets or supply your neighborhood grocer. Click on the logo of each farm to learn a bit more or where to buy.

Perry, Utah

Bing, Rainier, Lambert
Available: June 18 – July 10

Payson, Utah

Bing, Lambert
Available: June 22 – July 16

Genola, Utah

Bing, Lambert, Lapin, Rainier.
Available: June 28 – July 16

Provo, Utah

Rainier, Chelan, Bing, Utah Giant, Stella, Lambert
Available: June 23 – July 16

Santaquin, Utah

Bing, Rainier, Lambert
Available: June 18 – July 1

Payson, Utah

Bing, Rainier, Strawberry Rainier. Available: June 15-18
U-Pick Orchard

Here’s a quick description of sweet cherry varieties:

Chelan – Large firm round fruit with dark mahogany skin. Good flavored, juicy, red flesh. Fruit is similar to Bing, but ripens about two weeks earlier. Good for baking, eating, freezing and preserves.

Bing – Exceptionally large fruit with dark burgundy skin – almost black when fully ripe. Firm, sweet, juicy, purplish flesh. Excellent for eating, canning and preserving.

Rainier – Large, crack-resistant cherry which has golden yellow with a considerable red blush. Firm fruit with distinctive sweet flavor. Higher sugar and lower acid than Bing. Good for baking, canning, fresh consumption, and freezing.

Utah Giant – Very Large, flavorful, sweeter and larger than Bing or Lambert. Dark red flesh holds color when processed. Good for canning.

Lapins – Very large, crack-resistant cherry which has dark purple to black cherry with firm, sweet, delicious purplish flesh. Bears heavy crops.  Outstanding for fresh eating.

Lambert–Very large, firm, heart-shaped cherry with black skin and very dark, sweet flesh that is great to eat fresh. 

Stella – Large, crack-resistant cherry which has heart-shaped cherry with dark red, nearly black skin. Firm, sweet, dark red flesh with good flavor and texture

Keep in mind that different varieties may be featured by a farm from week to week. If you are looking for a specific variety, always reach out to your local farmer to confirm availability. (Variety Source, Utah State University Extension).