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Utah Dried Fruit & Nuts


Nuts and dried fruit have been a part of holiday and Christmas traditions for centuries. Perhaps you also have fond memories of cracking walnuts with your grandparents. Many Utah families have ancestors from Europe who celebrated the arrival of St. Nicholas with fruit, nuts, and other small treats; others used nuts to decorate their Christmas trees in the 18th century. Hence, the tradition of nuts continues in many households today.

Drying fruit has always been a way that Utah pioneers and those who preceded them preserved the harvest. Whether you have an affinity for dried apricot fruit leather, apple slices, or fruit cake, the possibilities for enjoying dried fruit are endless. Utah is the second leading producer of tart cherries, the perfect addition to a festive salad or holiday treat (chocolate or yogurt covered, of course).

If you’re looking for some farmstead or specialty nuts or fruit this holiday season – consider supporting theses farms and artisans:

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