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Pleasant Valley Beef

Give your family the best. Our beef is “True Natural”: cattle that are raised on a strict all-vegetarian diet and are never administered antibiotics or growth hormones commonly used to promote faster growth and weight gain. These Central Utah mountain valley cattle grow naturally on a stringent regimen of fresh water, barley, grass and hay.

They never receive any animal by-products or beef tallow in their diet. Just good, clean natural beef tended by real cowboys on the open range or home in the pasture. The way cows were meant to be raised. Strict adherence to environmentally sound practices and unsurpassed humane treatment of the cattle guarantees great flavor, tenderness and personal satisfaction for our customers.

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Double L Ranch Meats

Double L Ranch Meats has been a family-owned business since 1929.  We process meat for foodservice and retail distributors.  We offer True All Natural meats, Deli meats, Sliced Deli meats, Hispanic meats, shredded meats, Certified Angus Beef items and a full line of Naturally Hardwood Smoked Deli meats.  We currently service many large companies such as Sysco, Associated Foods Stores, Kroger, and many others.

Look for our products at your local grocery store or restaurant under various private labels

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  • Associated Food Stores (Dan’s, Macey’s, Fresh Market, Lee’s, etc)
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Great value for your dollar. Get sandwich meats, double the amount for a fraction of the price. Great way to feed a group or party without breaking the bank. They are also very generous to their community and contribute to local schools, and the city including providing the meat to feed the whole town prime rib dinner once a year for free.

Heather Dutson,

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Great discounts on meat for my family. I had family party recently and saved so much money by heading out to lowers for it. They have samples witch I love and I always get a great deal.

Lynda Jensen,

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It’s great! The quality of lunch meat you get there is half the price as the supermarket and it’s delicious. I’m a truck driver that delivers there and while I’m being loaded I see tons of people going out of their way to purchase the product lowers offers. The fact that lowers is so out of the way and people frequent this place so loyally tells you, it’s great!

Jeff Swenson,

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The Grille Restaurant

We accommodate those of all ages.  We offer specialty sandwiches, burgers, pizzas, salads and soups for lunch and for dinners we have pasta, seafood, steaks, ribs and prime rib.  We smoke pulled pork, turkey breasts, brisket, ribs, wings and prime rib.  Our foods are served on our own buns and rolls that are baked fresh daily.

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Can be found here:

    1410 West Main Street


We ate there a few weeks ago and everyone really loved the food.

Shelley Harrington,

Facebook Review

We loved this place! The Phillies and the cordon blue dinner is amazing! And they have our favorite beer on tap

Cort Wood,

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Amazing food, good service and a nice environment to sit back and enjoy

Tara Norris,

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44 Magnum Farm & Ranch

Our Great Tasting, Grass Fed Beef Is

Lower In Fat and Calories than grain fed beef. A 6 oz steak from a grass fed steer has one half to one third the amount of fat and about 100 fewer calories than a 6 oz steak from a grain fed steer. Grass fed beef has about the same amount of fat as skinless chicken, wild deer or elk.

High in Omega 3s, or “Good” fats, as they are the most heart-friendly of all fats. People who have ample amounts of omega3s in their diet are less likely to have high blood pressure or an irregular heartbeat and are 50% less likely to suffer a heart attack. They are less likely to suffer from depression, schizophrenia, and Alzheimer’s disease. Studies show that these essential fats have slowed the growth of a wide array of cancers and also kept them from spreading. Omega 3s are only formed in the chloroplasts of green leaves and algae. 60% of the fatty acids in grass are omega 3s. When cattle are taken off omega 3 rich grass and shipped to a feedlot to be fattened on omega 3 poor grain, they begin losing their store of this beneficial fat.

Higher in Conjugated Linoleic Acid or CLA, another type of good fat. Grass fed beef contains 3 to 5 times more CLA  than conventionally grass fed beef. CLA may be one of our most potent defenses against cancer. In studies, women who had the highest levels of CLA in their diet had 60% lower risk of breast cancer than those with the lowest.

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Maddox Ranch House

Located in Perry near the mouth of Sardine Canyon, Maddox Ranch House is one of the most popular places to eat in Utah. More than a restaurant, Maddox is a tradition, known for its homemade, from-scratch recipes.

Through three generations of family, we’ve worked hard to create a taste and a style all our own.

You can’t say you’re a true Utahn if you haven’t tried our famous fried chicken, shrimp steak, ground bison, or world-famous rolls, which are made fresh daily using local Brigham City flour and served with our own raspberry honey butter. Stop in for lunch or dinner. It’s worth the drive.

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Can be found here:

    1900 S Highway 89


I heard about this place 3 years ago and finally made it on Friday.. it was so good we went back on Saturday with some friends to let them experience the great food and customer service. The chicken fried steak was AMAZING.. this will be a new stopping spot on our way to Utah.

Angie Mago,

Facebook Review

One of the best steaks I have ever ate, just melted in your mouth.

Brady Newby,

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I think this is the best steakhouse in the state. Also, the ROLLS! They are so good! I always eat way too many rolls a Maddox, but it’s worth it.

Jody Vance,

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