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Delectation of Tomatoes

Principles and ideas which inform the efforts of Delectation of Tomatoes include:

-Optimal human health depends upon consumption of a wide array of nutrient-dense fresh fruits and vegetables, free of harmful chemicals and contaminants;

-Such food is best acquired from backyard gardens or from local farmers who offer their freshly harvested produce through farmers markets, CSA’s, local restaurants and specialty stores;

-Big corporate farms tend to be profit-driven, impersonal, unconcerned about healthy soils and sustainability, typically concentrate money in the hands of the few, and can rarely match the quality, diversity and nutritional levels of locally produced agricultural products.

In light of these considerations, Delectation of Tomatoes offers, specifically to local gardeners and small farmers:

-Seeds of over 3,000 varieties of fruits and vegetables representing a remarkable collection of heirlooms from around the world, including 1,000 varieties which are not tomatoes (i.e. peppers, melons, squash, beans, lettuce, corn, etc.);

-Seedlings of more than 500 varieties each spring, customizable (with advance requests) to the needs and curiosity of individual gardeners and farmers;

-Fresh produce on a limited scale, based upon what is not needed for seed production;

-Service upon request, including lectures, workshops and onsite training about garden and farm planning, extending the growing season, raising food at high elevation, ecologically responsible and sustainable growing practices, seed saving, self-reliance, etc.

If you want to live, you must eat; if you eat, you might as well eat healthy; while you’re at it, please enjoy eating a wide diversity of tasty and interesting heirloom fruits and vegetable from around the world!  Gardening and eating fresh, local, naturally grown food are cheaper than psychotherapy and unnecessary doctor bills which result from diseases which can be largely prevented with good nutrition. The idea is to make these nutritious products so readily available, so interesting and so tasty that people will be far less tempted eat the faux food found in fast and processed “food”.  Enhanced physical, psychological, social and financial health will be some of the benefits that emerge from this endeavor.

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Lot of knowledge and a willingness to share it . Best Tomato descriptions in the business . I grow 5000 plants and sell the fruit from them for my living . Dale has the varieties I need to succeed .

Iris Bauer,

Facebook Review

Always a pleasure. Prompt shipping of orders and quick email responses.
Many varieties that aren’t available anywhere else. True to type and always excellent germination. Good job!

Clifton Hedrick,

Facebook Review

My favorite tomato seed vendor! My “go to place” for rare and unusual tomato varieties. Highly recommend!

Shelley P. Hauser,

Facebook Review

Houweling’s Tomatoes

Houweling’s Tomatoes is a family-owned greenhouse tomato farm producing year-round locally grown tomatoes. Our tomatoes and cucumbers are grown from third-party verified 100 percent non-GMO seeds.

As a grower, we sense plants’ needs by walking the greenhouse every day, watching and observing, getting in touch with the crop. Craftsman’s care can be found in everything we do, from seeding through propagation, growing, nurturing, picking, packing, shipping, servicing customers and bringing the best-tasting tomatoes to the table. You don’t have to take our word for it; our tasty tomatoes do the talking.

In our quest for perfection, we have become world-renowned as a pioneer of technologies that improve sustainability, food safety, yields, and consistency. Newly-erected Ultra-Clima® Greenhouses help to optimize conditions that allow our crops to flourish—the right temperatures, humidity, light, carbon dioxide levels. Herbicides are never used in the greenhouse and pesticide-use is a last resort.

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Can be found here:



These tomatoes ????  are so delicious I feel like I’m eating candy. These are the best I’ve ever had, and I grew up in the San Joaquin Valley where we ate a lot of fresh from the field ones. Don’t change anything!

Debra Critchfield,

Facebook Review

If you get a chance to tour the facility it is worth it, truly commercial art.

Cheryl Strieby,

Facebook Review

Absolutely the most delicious tomatoes I’ve ever eaten in my life! I’m not ashamed to admit I almost ate an entire package by myself. Also, was very excited to see both a date and location of the tomatoes’ harvest and packaging (Mona, UT, 24 April 2015). Glad to know where my food comes from!

Brooke Lee,

Facebook Review