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Dewdrop Herbal Tea Co.

At Dewdrop Herbal Tea, we produce healthy and delicious herbal teas. We work hard to create unique blends that are both amazingly nutritious and great tasting. Our teas have no fillers, no additives, no artificial ingredients, and no flavor enhancers. When you drink Dewdrop Herbal Tea, you are only consuming the herbs—and their great flavors and benefits.

Order a bag today and choose from our mouth-watering selection of Evening Rose; Morning Rose; The Favorite; Strawberry Lemonade; Cinnamint; Tropical Sunrise; Sage, Lavender, & Ginger; and Sweet & Sour.

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I started drinking Dewdrop Tea and now I cant drink anything else! This has so much more flavor and fullness than any tea I’ve ever had. Last night I was excited to sit down to my “old” favorite- raspberry leaf tea, but I was quickly disappointed. I had to put so much sugar to get a good flavor out of it and then it tasted artificial! I’ll be sticking with Dewdrop Tea! So glad I can get it all over SLC now!.

Ashley Jacobson,

Facebook Review

Have been using the strawberry, sweet and sour, and cinnamint for months now and love them more every time. I’ll advise on the strawberry lemonade to be sure your water temperature is hot enough and you let it steep long enough to soften the tough lemongrass. Sometimes I have been in a hurry and found it to be too tart, but when I’m patient enough to steep it correctly it a dream.

Teresa Pierce,

Facebook Review

I have the Sweet and Sour and love it. My 11 year old loves it too. Need to buy more!

Aubrey Vance,

Facebook Review