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Little Spring Water

Little Spring is the tastiest natural spring water in Utah. Our water comes to you virtually untouched from the mountain spring that carries it to the Earth’s surface. We don’t add chemicals or minerals to mess with the flavor. It’s delicious and pure on its own, the way spring water should be.
Our water comes in 16.9 oz (500 mL), 20 oz (591 mL), and 33.8 oz (1 L) bottles sold in 24-pack and 12-pack cases.

We are also a private labeler. If you’d like to promote your business or event with a custom, professional label on the best water, we will work with you to create a design you love that will wow your clients or guests.

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Can Be Found Here:

  • Mike’s Market
  • Bear Lake Market


Wonderful tasting water!! — Kenneth Heinhold, Facebook Review”

Cornaby’s Specialty Foods & Co-Packing

With roots deep in a four-generation family farm in the hills of Salem, Utah, Cornaby’s is proud to create amazing food products from nature’s finest ingredients.

Our product line consists of our signature Gourmet Jams, Spicy Fruit Sauces, Candied Jalapeno Relish, Fruit Syrups, Food Thickeners, Instant Jam Mixes, Soups, Nut Butters, Sous Vide Meats & Side Dishes & Smoothie Mixes as well as Fruit Fillings for Bakery applications.  We also do private labeling and co-packing for many companies.

Every Cornaby’s product from sugar-free jams to spicy sauces is created with the goal of bringing the best of nature to your table. We specialize in making products that are healthy, convenient, and delicious. Our cooking products, including the amazing thickeners “E-Z Gel” and “Thick Gel”, have been developed for making home cooking not only fun, but convenient and economical.

We also co-pack and private-label for many national and local companies. We’re experienced in co-packing BBQ Sauces, Jams, Various Syrups, Ice Cream Toppings, Pepper Sauces, Asian Sauces, Chili Sauce, Salsa, and we have the production capacity to process very large quantities of Soups, Nut Butters and Sous-Vide Meats & Side Dishes.  We also process & package dry mixes.

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Can be found here:

  • Fresh Markets
  • Macey’s
  • Ridley’s
  • Winegar’s
  • Stoke’s-Springville
  • Reams
  • Meier’s Prime-Highland
  • Kohler’s-Lehi
  • Nebo Market-Nephi
  • Smith & Edward’s
  • Dan’s
  • Lin’s
  • Dick’s
  • Lee’s
  • Baker’s C&C
  • Bosch KC – Sandy
  • Western Nut Co
  • Orson Gygi
  • Whole Foods


Cornaby’s is a great company that makes quality products! I love that their products are gluten free, non-gmo and taste delicious.” – Tim Stocks, Google Review

Cornaby’s Jam in a Jiffy is the ONLY way I will make jam. It’s so simple and it is the best jam I’ve ever made. When I didn’t have access to Cornaby’s recently, I tried to do sure-gel. I followed the directions closely and it didn’t set right. The next day I was able to get another bag of Cornaby’s and made the best jam. It proved to me that Cornaby’s is the only brand for me.” – Kayla Lunt, Facebook Review

They have excellent jams, filled with fresh fruits right off the farm that are low in sugar and high in real fruit. They even have some jams sweetened with stevia, which I really like; and they are good people who are operating their family business too.” – Janel Fausett, Facebook Review

Brooke & Bradford

We here at Brooke & Bradford believe that you should never need a dictionary to read a food label. Since the very beginning, we have made our products convenient and healthy. Our products are all clean label, which means that you know all of the ingredients, and they are probably already in your refrigerator or pantry. Our products are certified gluten-free by GFCO. All of our products are all-natural and preservative-free. Instead of using fillers and chemicals to make our products taste amazing, we use a wide variety of spices, vegetables and meats to create a broad and unique taste profile that has proven to be popular with our customers.

Currently, we are producing instant soups in cups and pouches, individual ingredient Pantry Packs®, gourmet sea salts and peppercorns, as well as beautiful organic loose leaf teas. In addition, we sell kitchen and tea ware.

We use only the highest quality ingredients in our products, and you will be able to taste the difference. Our products are produced under USDA and FDA inspection, so not only are our products quick, convenient and tasty, they are also produced safely and most importantly- they are made with love.

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Springville Meat

Since our opening in 1950, we have offered specialized custom processing of our customers’ animals.  Be it beef, pork, lamb or wild game, it is our goal to cut and wrap your meat to “meet” your specifcations.  We use state of the art equipment and technology to carefully cut and package you product.  We are able to accomadate any small amount (one carcass) intended for one family, up to many animals intended for wholesale distribution.  Our USDA inspection allows us to process your product, if you so desire, to be shipped interstate or even exported.  We offer private labeling of our jerky to venders all across the U.S. We also have a retail store for our products to be purchased.

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Can be found here:

    268 South 100 West


Love Love Love the shredded beef. If you are lucky enough to live in Springville you are indeed blessed. Drove from West Jordan bought a 5 pound bag and divided it down into 1 pound packages. I am in Heaven. Absolutely delicious. Clean store. Nice friendly staff and great food what more could you ask for.

Sandy Christiansen,

Facebook Review

If you want quality meat, at a fair price! Come to Springville Meat Company, great family business!

Kevin Kassel,

Facebook Review

We bought some bratwurst and a 10 pound prime rib by far the best we’ve ever had.

George Hoffman,

Facebook Review