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Carb Dealer SLC

At Carb Dealer SLC, dealing carbs is what we do! We focus on using local ingredients and supporting other small businesses.  We offer sourdough breads, meringues and specialty sweet treats.

We make the best sourdough breads, but we are known for our sourdough focaccia. Our rotating flavor combinations, and toppings, utilizes locally sourced fruits, vegetables, and ingredients. Our dough is made from a few simple ingredients: flour, water, salt, olive oil and love. We even offer vegan options.

Aside from mouthwatering sourdough breads, we also offer one-of-a-kind meringues, including vegan meringues. These irresistibly adorable and unique designs are almost too cute to eat. We have a variety of options including meringue toppers that float on top of your favorite beverage, a variety of meringue kisses that have chocolate centers and our meringue kookies which feature our signature meringue atop pretzels, shortbread cookies and crackers.

Can Be Found Here:

  • The Neighborhood Hive Farmers Market
  • Local Neighborhood Pop-Up Events
  • Local Pickup in Sandy


The carb dealer makes the BEST focaccia bread. It just melts in your mouth! It’s a burst of flavor! Every single bite is AMAZING! You can’t go wrong with any of the breads! The toppers are very fun! My kids really enjoyed them! The merengues are very light and flavorful!you definitely can’t go wrong with the carb dealer!! – S Mari, Google Review

When you buy from the carb dealer SLC you won’t regret. The smell alone is mouth watering. I highly recommend her Foccacia any time and any where. It’s pure deliciousness. – Patsy Kilgore, Google Review

If you haven’t tried her stuff you should! She works hard to make it taste delicious. Her hard work shows through how amazing it tastes AND the look of her stuff is 😋😋 – Micaila L, Google Review

Petra’s Backstubchen LLC

Petra Waltraud Lauxen Vigil was raised in a small town in Germany called Kliding. As a young child, she enjoyed watching her mother bake. Through observation and direct instruction, she learned the basics of cooking, which turned in to a passion for baking.

When Petra was 18 years old, she purchased her first baking book, which she still uses today for several of her recipes. She has always
enjoyed baking for family and friends, and always had a strong desire to own her own bakery.

Petra started selling her baked goods at local Farmer’s Markets and can still be found there every weekend. Her baked goods can also be found in some grocery stores, or you can order directly from her online.

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Can be found here:

  • Cache Valley Gardener’s Market
  • Wheeler Farmers Market
  • Lee’s Marketplace – North Salt Lake
  • The Store – Holladay
  • The Store – Salt Lake City


I met her at a bazaar this past Friday and bought a few of her baked goods. They were beyond fantastic. Will be buying more. She is also a fantastic person to talk too and love her accent.

Reed Busey,

Facebook Review

Love Petra, love everything she does! Especially the Mandarin cheese cake.

Linnaea Mendoza,

Facebook Review

Delicious and fresh pastries.

Angie Gallegos,

Facebook Review

Allgood Provisions

Allgood Provisions is an original brand of naturally sourced, nutritious, and sustainable snack foods that has recently partnered with Gigi’s Gourmet which will add a new twist to our line of products.  Our variety of nuts, fruits, and trail mixes contain rich vitamins and minerals important to a healthy and balanced diet.  These foods nourish the students, the weekend warriors, the busy moms, the trekkers, the dreamers, as well as, the cooks, the foodies, and celebrity chefs.  Inside each Earth-friendly pouch you’ll find a delicious, irresistible snack that is nutritious & naturally sourced.

Choose Allgood Provisions and Gigi’s Gourmet for snacking, cooking, baking or family gatherings.  When it comes to larger gatherings, BBQ’s, movie nights, or even the holidays Gigi’s Gourmet Garlic & Herb Pretzels are what you’re looking for.  With custom ordered catering sizes that will fit your needs you can share with your friends and family a higher quality, healthier alternative snack than chips.

Stock up on your single nut or savory favorites like Maple Roasted Cashews or Garlic & Herb seasoned sourdough pretzels.  Or, expand your on-the-go choice with the Pistachios, and Almond Nut Packs.  Snacks that will have you coming back for more.  And if you’re ready to redefine healthy snacking when you’re on-the-go, try our Gourmet Blend of Trail Mix. A unique, customer tested and formulated blend that stands out from other average Trail Mixes you might find in the store.

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Gigi’s Gourmet


Can be found here:


Vosen’s Bread Paradise

Vosen’s Bread Paradise is an authentic German bakery serving traditional breads and pastries made from recipes brought over from the old world or developed by Markus Vosen with the same technique that German Master Bakers used for centuries.

We make German breads, rolls, sheet cakes, pastries, and pretzels. We also serve coffee and sandwiches for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our recipes are not the only authentic German aspect of our bakery. From the smallest pan to our 10,000 lbs. oven, we imported every piece of equipment directly from Germany to create an authentic experience. Purchase a variety of our breads and pastries at Whole Foods locations throughout Utah.

Another important aspect of our business would be that we don’t use any artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. None of our breads contain any added sugars or fats. The average bread is made from nothing but flour, water, sourdough, salt and yeast. It’s a pretty simple list, isn’t it? And when the addition of fat is necessary for the characteristics of the product, we use only butter – never shortening or margarine.

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