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Rocky Mountain Water Company

Rocky Mountain Water Company is Utah’s premier locally-owned and -operated bottled water company. We serve the Wasatch Front with traditional home and office bottled water, specializing in natural mineral spring water, distilled water and purified waters. A refreshing alternative to standard water delivery services, our water is drawn from a natural spring and goes through a filtration process that ensures purity while retaining the minerals nature intended it to have.

It’s not just our water that’s special though. Our proprietary dispensing systems use returnable and recyclable bottles. Unique and responsible packaging is a priority, so we also specialize in glass, bag-in-box, bulk and 100 percent remanufactured PET packaging that offers safe and practical storage that’s also responsible. Visit our website to find out how we can deliver natural mineral water to you.

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Can be found here:

    463 West 3600 South