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Heirlooms and More, Worden Produce

Heirlooms & More, Worden Produce is a Utah-based grower of specialty heirloom vegetables.  We also operate a stone ground gluten-free grain mill. From our central Utah base of operations, we can effectively service all of Utah and southern Nevada. Before the industrialization of agriculture (pre-1950s), a much wider variety of vegetables and products for milling were grown.

Today’s modern agricultural practices use large, single hybrid and genetically modified (GMO) variety plots to produce the majority of vegetables and milled products commercially available.  These hybrid and GMO varieties are selected for their productivity, ability to withstand mechanical picking, cross-country shipping, and tolerance to drought, frost, or pesticide/herbicide use—not for their local freshness, quality, taste, and nutritional value.

Our select heirloom varieties provide a source of locally and naturally grown vegetables and products for stone milling whereby the full flavor, quality, and nutritional value of the non-hybrid/open pollinated species are available to you.

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Darin & Jennifer are two of the hardest working folks I know. They are dedicated to providing the highest quality produce and all of their products are absolutely amazing! We have been feeding our family with their products this year and they always seem to amaze us with the quality, the colors and the richness of flavor their products give us. Thank you for all you do!

Joshua Malan,

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