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At Bobelo, we create a healthy self-carbonating drink mix that fits right in your pocket. In addition, we’ve also created a self pressure-regulating bottle to use with the carbonation YOU have just created. Our drink mixes are made with only natural fruits and flavors, and has zero sugar.

We’re proud to be vegan, Keto and Paleo friendly, and offer immune support as well as stress relief. Customers can drink knowing they’re helping the environment too; our packets produce 97% less plastic than a plastic water bottle. By drinking Bobelo, you’re supporting your brain, your body, and your biome.

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What an awesome product! The taste of the 4 flavors, are rocking. The bottle is just so cool and how it works is amazing. Customer for life here. Try it out, you will not be disappointed and the customer service is phenomenal! 5 stars here. – Dave Davis, Facebook Review

This is a way cool company making healthy carbonated drinks with sustainable systems and packaging. It’s truly a positive disruption in the drink industry. Having met the leadership team and tried the product myself, I only have good things to say about this group. Thank you for improving lifestyles and protecting the planet. – Matt Vance, Google Review

I love bobelo! I love that their bottles don’t explode after shaking the carbonated mix!! And I love the variety of flavors they have to choose from. They also have different color choices for your bottle so you can choose which color suits you best. They also make sure every customer is satisfied with their bottle. I also love that I can have a healthy alternative to soda, but it isn’t just healthier it tastes way better!!!! – Ivory Slater, Google Review

Firebirds Chile Co.

Simply put, Firebirds Chile Company produces the freshest, most authentic green chile available—all flame-roasted, hand-peeled, with no artificial preservatives. While our competitors claim to have roasted and peeled peppers, the truth is that only Firebirds Chile Co. double-roasts every pepper in small 25-pound batches to ensure that flame roasted flavor fills every bite.

Then every pepper is hand-peeled to make sure that our diced peppers are clean and that our whole peppers are ready to use—something that not one of our competitors can claim. Finally, we never freeze any of our products or add artificial preservatives. Instead, we roast peppers fresh every week so that our products taste like they were roasted in your kitchen instead of ours. We believe that the only way to deliver truly authentic flavor is to never freeze or water-down our products with fillers and preservatives. Order your Roasted Anaheim, Roasted Poblano, and Roasted Red Bell Pepper chile today.

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