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We make great seasoning packets that turn sour cream in to a dip with many uses.

Original Dip- a flavorful dip with a hint of spiciness that goes great on chips, veggies or anything else you’d add sour cream to.

Hot Dip- a similar blend to our Original but we really turned the heat up for those who like it hot.

Onion Dip- made with a variety of onions, all natural sea salt, and other spices, it’s sure to be a hit with everyone.

How To Dip: (serving ideas)

Add one packet of Tomzadip to a 16oz container of sour cream or non-dairy substitute.

Anytime you add sour cream to something, add Tomzadip instead.

   – seven layer bean dip

   – tacos

   – burritos

   – nachos

Chip/vegetable Dip

Use instead of mayonnaise for sandwiches

Spice up your cottage cheese

Fajita seasoning

The possibilities are endless. Okay maybe not endless but pretty darn close.

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Can be found here:

  • Grove Market and Deli (Salt Lake City)
  • Conestoga Ranch (Garden City Utah)
  • Bountiful Farmers Market
  • Syracuse Farmers Market

Plentiful Pantry

In the beginning, Intermountain Specialty Food Groups focused on ways to make quick and easy pasta dishes that would rival those in the best restaurants. As we have grown and added soups, desserts, and hot chocolate to our line-up, we still keep in mind that everything must be quick and easy to prepare as well as healthy. And last, but certainly not least, the flavors must be outstanding.

 The business was started with pastas and sauce blends under the Pasta Partners brand. The soups, desserts, dips, and breads were added under the Plentiful Pantry brand. We also have other brands that are sold through different distribution channels. No matter what brand you find on our Plentiful Pantry website you can rest assured you are getting the finest quality products in outstanding packaging. All of our products are created, mixed, and packaged in the United States. Choose from our wide selection and make dinnertime easy and healthy.

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Can be found here:

    265 W Plymouth Avenue


I made the lemon bars and they are absolutely amazing! I can’t wait to make the apple crisp and pumpkin cobbler.

Megan Larsen,

Facebook Review

I bought the White Cheddar Potato Soup at the Affair of the Heart in OKC. I added a few potatoes, bacon and just a little yellow cheddar cheese. It was good and a hit with my husband! Wished I had bought more!

Rebecca Labus,

Facebook Review

Haven’t made one of your products that wasn’t delicious!

Susan Krasch,

Facebook Review