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Uncle Bob’s Butter Country

Uncle Bob’s Butter Country™ manufacturers delicious buttermilk syrups to enjoy on pancakes, waffles, french toast, and crepes alone, or try it as a delicious sweetener for fruits, hot cereals, ice cream, and more. Our fresh dairy blend is a break from the all-too-ordinary imitation maple syrup.

We understand that breakfast is often rushed and interrupted. Uncle Bob’s Butter Country™ is not only a return to traditional farm fresh flavors, but also to farm ideals when eating a hearty breakfast together as a family was a way of life. Our purpose is to gather the family together round the table and enjoy one another while also eating delicious food.

While our story began thirty years ago as a friend scribbled a buttermilk syrup recipe on a post-it-note, our story truly took shape as our family enjoyed this syrup on top of whole wheat pancakes in between smiles and laughter. Every meal is different, but with Uncle Bob’s Butter Country Syrups™ you can always count on one thing– a hungry family gathered together at the table.

Uncle Bob’s Butter Country Syrups™ are available at Harmons grocery stores, Peterson’s Fresh Market, The Store (in Holladay), The Market (at Park City), Reams (in Springville), and Day’s Market (in Provo).

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Uncle Bob’s Butter Country Syrup was so delicious that I used a spoon to sip the rest off of my plate!

Kendall Blake,

Product Review

You know how they talk about a land flowing with milk and honey? Well, I think they might have meant buttermilk syrup.

Andrew Smith,

Product Review

In our home, there is no sense in making pancakes or French toast if we are out of Uncle Bob’s Butter Country Syrup. Maple just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Paula Palmer

Product Review