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Salt City Baking Company

We create and deliver the highest quality, handcrafted bread products to restaurants, diners, deli’s, coffee shops, food trucks, and other food establishments. Our bakery produces a wide variety of products from hamburger buns, and hoagies to sliced bread and specialty baguettes.

Our focus is quality – we select high quality ingredients from local sources, use traditional methods and old world recipes to handcraft the best baked goods in Utah! Don’t hesitate to reach out and we’d love to work with you to find the right fit bread products for you.

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Can be found here:

    60 East Gordon Avenue


Service is amazing, the bread is outstanding. Get in my tummy now, yummy bread!

Charity Carter,

Facebook Review

The best tasting bread you will buy! And to make it even better it’s just as cheap as the nasty stuff from the grocery store when you account for the size of their loaves. Their customer service is fantastic as well.

Jessica Hooley,

Facebook Review

My family has loved everything we have tried from Salt City Baking but our favorite is for sure the sourdough bread. It is delicious!

Jennifer Kay,

Facebook Review