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Rustic Scoop™

Rustic Scoop™ produces baking mixes and baked goods that are gluten-free, top 8 allergen free, refined sugar free, and Non-GMO. All of our mixes have vegan options and video tutorials on our website. Currently, we have five baking mixes: Sandwich Bread, Pizza Crust, Chocolate Cake and Cupcake, Pancake and Waffle, and Cookies. Each mix makes many other delicious recipes as well. Our blog, The Scoop, is full of new recipes and baking tips. Rustic Scoop products are SO good that those with and without food restrictions LOVE them. We believe our products stand apart from other gluten-free products and we think you will too!

So often we hear from those with and without food restrictions that they can’t believe how good our products are. They are shocked to find out that our mixes are gluten-free and free from the top 8 allergens because they are so good. Being around the gluten-free and food allergic community for a long time, we often hear that gluten-free products don’t taste good or have undesirable texture. It is such a disservice to our community AND to those who don’t have food restrictions. It only exacerbates the separation between those with and without food restrictions. We set out to change that! We firmly believe there should be food that is safe for most and loved by all so meals can be shared all together without separate food. Inclusion with food restrictions is so important to us. Having food restrictions shouldn’t mean feeling left out. It is possible with our products to create inclusion with one meal at one table. Our mixes gather everyone together to bring delight to any occasion.

Can Be Found Here:

  • Food and Meat Co-Op
  • Lindon Farmers Market
  • Orem Farmers Market
  • Lehi Farmers Market
  • Utah County Popup Markets (Cedar Hills & Alpine)


My sweet daughter easily whipped up these beautiful chocolate cupcakes! They were soo delicious! Perfect chocolatey texture! Honestly it was a little surprising that they were gluten free/dairy free and everything else free! Well done!!!” – Anna, RusticScoop.com Review

I love the pancake and waffle mix! The pancakes were fluffy and made a tall, thick stack. I added blueberries and my non-gluten free family loved them, not knowing they were gluten free! I froze the extras and they tasted just as great after being reheated.” – Frankie C, RusticScoop.com Review

Just the way I wanted! I like a crunchy, flat bread type crust. I am a senior living alone so making 9 x 6 inch thin pizza crust was perfect solution to enjoying pizza with a few leftover slices. Freezing the remaining par crusts worked well.” – Liz V., RusticScoop.com Review


Carb Dealer SLC

At Carb Dealer SLC, dealing carbs is what we do! We focus on using local ingredients and supporting other small businesses.  We offer sourdough breads, meringues and specialty sweet treats.

We make the best sourdough breads, but we are known for our sourdough focaccia. Our rotating flavor combinations, and toppings, utilizes locally sourced fruits, vegetables, and ingredients. Our dough is made from a few simple ingredients: flour, water, salt, olive oil and love. We even offer vegan options.

Aside from mouthwatering sourdough breads, we also offer one-of-a-kind meringues, including vegan meringues. These irresistibly adorable and unique designs are almost too cute to eat. We have a variety of options including meringue toppers that float on top of your favorite beverage, a variety of meringue kisses that have chocolate centers and our meringue kookies which feature our signature meringue atop pretzels, shortbread cookies and crackers.

Can Be Found Here:

  • The Neighborhood Hive Farmers Market
  • Local Neighborhood Pop-Up Events
  • Local Pickup in Sandy


The carb dealer makes the BEST focaccia bread. It just melts in your mouth! It’s a burst of flavor! Every single bite is AMAZING! You can’t go wrong with any of the breads! The toppers are very fun! My kids really enjoyed them! The merengues are very light and flavorful!you definitely can’t go wrong with the carb dealer!! – S Mari, Google Review

When you buy from the carb dealer SLC you won’t regret. The smell alone is mouth watering. I highly recommend her Foccacia any time and any where. It’s pure deliciousness. – Patsy Kilgore, Google Review

If you haven’t tried her stuff you should! She works hard to make it taste delicious. Her hard work shows through how amazing it tastes AND the look of her stuff is 😋😋 – Micaila L, Google Review

Beans & Brews

From the beginning, we’ve made it our top priority to use the finest ingredients out there. We lovingly roast every single bean, right at our headquarters in Salt Lake. Here, every recipe is tested, time and time again, till it truly hits the spot. We know that if we put extra thoughtful care in everything we make, you’ll taste the difference.

We’re not just beans people—we’re people people, too. In fact, it’s our friends and guests who have made Beans & Brews possible all these years. Our guests are our reason for getting up in the morning. We love greeting regulars with their favorite drinks, made just the way they like ‘em. And we dig getting to know newcomers and welcoming them to the Beans community. Come in for a cup, alone or with a friend, and make yourself at home. And let us know how we can make your day a little brighter—whether it’s adding extra whipped cream or it’s donating a gift basket to your little-league fundraiser. Cheers, and stop by soon.

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Where to Find Us:

Our unique specialty drinks and tasty food are offered at our coffeehouses in neighborhoods across the state. You can also find our fresh roasted coffee beans and convenient single-serve cups at your local Harmon’s Grocery stores.


Great hot chocolate, coffee is freshly ground, baristas are great, B&B is dog friendly. Espressos and fraps, pastries and bagels, muffins and sandwiches.

Carl Fako,

Google Review

Great coffee and has a nice local vibe. Way better than the national coffee chain places.

Jeff Teters,

Google Review

Great team and great coffee! The baristas are always great at suggesting great local drinks, food, and places of interest.

Jason Atwood,

Google Review

Grandpa’s Kitchen

Grandpa’s Kitchen offers several gluten-free products: our Bread Mix, Pizza Crust Mix, Baking Flour Blend, Yellow Cake Mix, Chocolate Cake Mix , Pumpkin Bar Mix, and our Family Favorites Cookbook. We are confident that you will love each of our products because the recipes have passed the quality control of our family members—those with Celiac Disease and those without.

Grandpa’s Kitchen first developed a bread/pizza crust mix. Next we developed a gluten-free flour blend. Our blend is a perfect combination of starches and flours blended to give a smooth, light, and fluffy texture to cakes, cookies, pie crust, Danish rolls, pancakes, waffles, etc. We have just added the Yellow Cake Mix and Pumpkin Bar Mix to our product line. Take home one of our mixes today and surprise your family with the best in gluten-free baking.

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Can be found here:

  • Smith’s Markets
  • Harmons
  • Ridley’s
  • Broulim’s
  • Fresh Market
  • Maceys
  • Dicks’s
  • Dan’s
  • Kent’s
  • Winegar’s
  • Lee’s
  • Petersons
  • Reams
  • Good Earth
  • Bashas
  • AJ’s Fine Foods
  • Amazon
  • Prepared Pantry
  • Super 1
  • Rosauer’s
  • Yokes Natural Markets


It is all I use anymore. No one knows the difference when I bake with it.

Cortney Heeftle,

Facebook Revview

Great flour blend!! I use it in everything I cook and no one knows the difference!

Allyson Kauwe,

Facebook Review

Grandpa’s kitchen flour has changed my life! I can make anything I want from my old recipe book, and tons of new recipes with their cookbook! Banana muffins and pumpkin squares are the best. Yum!

Heather Crockett,

Facebook Review

Gem City Fine Foods

Gem City Fine Foods offers a variety of high quality, delicious, and convenient ready-to-serve gluten-free, and now nut-free, desserts. All Gem City Fine Foods desserts are made without artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives in a dedicated gluten-free facility.

In using only high quality ingredients (such as cage-free eggs and rBST-free dairy), Gem City Fine Foods delivers desserts of the quality and value that today’s savvy consumer expects. It is no wonder that Gem City Fine Foods’ desserts appeal not only to the gluten-free customer, but by all who enjoy quality desserts.

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Can be found here:

    1045 South University Ave.
    Provo, UT 84601
    1050 West Riverdale Road
    Riverdale, UT 84405
    336 West Main
    American Fork, UT 84003
    500 S State
    Orem, UT 84058
    7905 South 700 East
    Sandy, UT 84070
    1131 E Wilmington Ave
    Salt Lake City, UT 84106
    11479 S State St
    Draper, UT 84020
    6930 S Highland Dr
    Salt Lake City, UT 84121
    1748 W Redstone Center Dr
    Park City, UT 84098
    2783 S State St
    Salt Lake City, UT 84115


I LOVE the chocolate torte. I don’t require gluten-free and don’t actively seek it out. But I love the chocolate torte so much that when I want a treat, I go for the Gem City chocolate torte. I buy the tiny one and it is so rich and delicious, that it lasts me for the entire week. I just cut off a tiny slice and that satisfies my sweet tooth. YUM!!!

Peggy McCrackin,

Facebook Review

The cheesecakes…oh man…YUM!!! Discovered you by chance while looking for some sort of gf dessert for the holidays while spending time in the hospital with my 6mo old. I’ve learned to not be satisfied with gf baked goods. Somethings always seems to be off and I’m quite picky. Perfectly balanced flavor. Smooth, creamy, fluffy and delicate texture. I didn’t feel deprived at all for Thanksgiving. I actually felt quite spoiled with the pumpkin cheesecake and felt bad for those having the pumpkin pie

Loyal customer here!!

Rebecca Boothe,

Facebook Review

I just tried the chocolate torte, it is fantastic! Beats any chocolate cake, or torte I have ever eaten! I have been eating gluten free for five years. Try this one, you will not be disappointed!

Annette Miller,

Facebook Review