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Yummchi specializes in making kimchi, a yummy drink full of probiotics. Kimchi is so good for you, and we found a way to make it totally vegan and extra tasty. Kimchi has naturally occurring probiotics and does not contain any preservatives. Whether you are eating it with rice or adding it as a topping to a taco, we promise you will love this fermented delight.

Our kimchi is made local and comes from the heart. Using traditional methods and natural, vegan ingredients, our kimchi is sure to please the kimchi connoisseurs, the fermented food fans, and the kimchi newbies! We research and select every ingredient to ensure that our final product delivers the best, most authentic flavor, and we prepare each jar by hand in small batches so you can be sure it’s made with love and care.

Visit us at the Downtown Farmer’s Market or order for pickup at Farmer’s Market Direct, and see if this doesn’t make you feel great.

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Tried the cabbage kimchi at the farmers market. I make my own kimchi and this blows mine away! It was the most delicious kimchi I have ever tried.

Jennifer Peters,

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Not only is this kimchee amazing, it is vegan and gluten free so it won’t cause any upset stomach issues.

Kyle Holt,

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Sara Arnold,

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Provo, UT

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Kayla Merten

Yummchi started as a passion, turned into a dream, and became a reality. It all began with a plate of bulgogi in 2009. That infamous dish sparked a love of Korean food that really became an obsession as we tried making every Korean dish possible. We took up the challenge to make delicious, authentic kimchi a couple years ago and have not looked back. With a dedication to quality and great flavor, we have created what we believe to be the tastiest kimchi around!

We are based in Provo and sell our awesome kimchi at the Downtown Farmer’s Market.