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Wasatch Front Farmers Market

Farmers Market

Wasatch Front Farmers Market operates farmers’ markets along the Wasatch Front.

Wasatch Front Farmers Market was founded in 2011 when we opened our first market at Wheeler Farm.

Our markets are producer-only, which means that our farmers and producers may sell only what they grow, raise or make. Our farmers and producers generally come from the Wasatch Front area, and are limited to Utah.

All markets open and close with the ringing of a market bell.

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Can be found here:

    Murray, UT
    West Jordan, UT


Always a good time! We love seeing local businesses and tasting all of their products.

Bree Dandy,

Facebook Review

Thought this years market was great. Loved all of the produce vendors as well as many local artisans.

Ann Charat,

Facebook Review

Fun little Farmers Market.

Logan Brueck,

Facebook Review

Murray, UT

  • Murray, UT 84157
  • 801-792-1419

Maryann Alston
Market Organizer

We have hosted an awesome farmers’ market at Wheeler Farm since 2011. We are currently in negotiations with Salt Lake County in regards to a sustainable market size. The Market Opening Date is June 4th if everything goes as planned!