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Veth’s Beef Jerky

Crisp Beef Jerky Chips

Veth’s Beef Jerky is a Utah based company with aspirations to dominate the global jerky market.  From our thin, crisp beef jerky chips, to our authentic Cambodian marinades, we bring unparalleled texture and flavors.  There is simply nothing like it available in the marketplace.

We commit ourselves to the highest standard in quality and taste.  Our jerky is handcrafted and each slice of meat is handled with care.  We have high expectations of ourselves and our products. Likewise, we commit to serve our community in Utah as well.  We have dreams to provide careers for hard working people here and see a legacy of serving the community through volunteer and outreach.

With such high standards and important goals, we are driven to succeed in the very best way.  Confident in our beef jerky chips and eyes set on the horizon, we continue to blaze a new trail for beef jerky in an ever changing market.

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Hands down, thee best jerky I’ve ever had. Not only is it a great value for the price, it’s addictive – especially the hot. If you order, order at least two packs, or you’ll regret it. You won’t want to find yourself in a situation where you’re having to wait for the next batch. Get your mind blown and buy this jerky! Do it! Why are you still reading this? Order now!

Johnny K. Tall,

Facebook Review

So delicious, we’ve almost eaten all five bags we bought at the RV show. So so good!!!

Elizabeth McGee,

Facebook Review

All we can say is WOW! We love this beef jerky so much! It’s the best tasting beef jerky we’ve ever tasted. We’re so lucky my mom brought our supply from America all the way to Gold Coast, Australia. Definitely have to order some more

Jo Villapane,

Facebook Review

Salt Lake City, UT

  • 2163 S Richard St
  • Salt Lake City, UT 84115
  • 801-580-8324

Voeun and Kristen Veth

In 1990, we, the Veth family, immigrated to the United States as refugees from Cambodia. Once in America, we wanted more than anything to assimilate into the vast culture. The best way we knew how to do that was to bring our tastes and flavors in to the melting pot that makes up America. We believe that Cambodia has a wonderful culture that should be shared with everyone, and that is why we strive to serve the best authentic Cambodian beef jerky.

Drawing inspiration from traditional Cambodian marinades, our mom set out to create her own unique flair to beef jerky. She did this by mixing her bold and multidimensional flavors to become a paper thin, melt in your mouth, morsel of beef jerky. Our jerky has always been a highly coveted treat in our household growing up, and we are now happy to share with you.

We learned how to make this incredible jerky from our mom.  We mastered the flavors and the technique to obtain the perfect crunch.  We then built out our product line into the seven flavors that we have today.  Each are unique and robust Cambodian flavors. We know you will not be able to resist our delicious beef jerky, so Crave the Crunch!