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Urban Prairie Agriculture

Small Urban Farm

Urban Prairie Agriculture is a small urban farm and CSA working to create stable and sustainable local food systems that provide low-barrier access to all constituents; no matter their financial standing.

Agriculture is more than produce. We believe in whole body wellness and eating is a key part of that plan. We eat to live. This means that the principles of living can be enhanced by growing your own food, but encompass more.

Food has a connection to our physical health, but it also connects to our mental well-being, our body’s ability to cope with external stressors, sleep and more. When eating well, and growing your own food, being connected to the source of life is a natural outcome. We are happy to provide fresh produce grown without pesticides or other harmful chemicals. We are equally pleased to teach you to grow your own food, and provide the support, tools and resources to succeed.

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Can Be Found Here:

  • Farmers Market Ogden
  • Garden Market Marriott-Slaterville
  • Online Orders & CSA –  idigogden.com


I recommend everything. I signed up for the monthly subscription (incorrectly), and they have been great to work with to get it right, and even further followed up to make sure it was right after I received everything fresh and organized.” – Mo, Facebook Review

So far everything has been fresh and in good condition. The subscription gives you new things to try each week; I thought I got a zucchini or squash and it was an Armenian cucumber. I have gardened for years and didn’t know of this. Delicious and the skin isn’t bitter like a regular cucumber can be. I highly recommend the subscription program!” – Lori, Facebook Review

Anne is amazing! I just used my micro greens with dinner tonight and they were so delicious! I love them!” – Stephanie, Facebook Review

Marriott-Slaterville, Utah

  • Marriott-Slaterville, Utah 84404
  • 435-282-0386

Anne Dunaway
Owner & Farmer

Anne Dunaway has a life of experience in agriculture. She began engaging with sustainable agriculture in the early 2000s. From there, her interest grew towards the importance of low-barrier access to food, for all. In 2019, Anne began her own small farm to address both sustainable agriculture and low-barrier access to local food.

Anne spends spare time educating small farms on the grant opportunities available. She also Volunteers as the Co-Chair of the Ogden Food Policy Council. As an active sustainable agriculture farmer and a passionate agriculture activist, Anne has committed to building communities who grow.