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Uncle Chainsaw’s Hot Sauce

Handcrafted Hot Sauces

Uncle Chainsaw’s makes chef driven hot sauce with unique twists on classic styles. Our flavors and heat are just as intense as the art on our bottles!

It is our main focus at Uncle Chainsaw’s Hot Sauce to make hot that focuses primarily on flavor over heat. Don’t get us wrong, the heat is most definitely there, but we want our sauces to taste great and not over power your food or taste buds. We don’t believe in being spiciest just for the sake of being spicy. Our sauces compliment your food and give just the right amount of heat. We do not use any additives, chemicals or stabilizers of any kind. No funny business in our sauce, just real ingredients bottled by hand.

Can Be Found Here:

  • Grove Market and Deli – Salt Lake
  • Pirate O’s – Draper
  • Burn Your Tongue Hot Sauce –  Ogden, Draper and Orem

South Jordan, Utah

  • South Jordan, Utah 84009
  • 415-794-8141
  • Message: kevin@unclechainsaws.com

Kevin Correnti

Uncle Chainsaw’s Hot Sauce is owned and operated by Kevin Correnti, chef / owner of a successful Italian restaurant. During the pandemic closures, Kevin temporary closed his restaurant and focused on his passion project of making hot sauce commercially. He has been making some of these sauces for years at his restaurant. Scassa La Bocca has been the restaurant’s house sauce and is consumed almost as fast as he can make it.