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Tiger Pumpkin Bakes

Homestyle Bakes and Global Pastries

Tiger Pumpkin Bakes creates homestyle bakes and a few global pastries that are hard to find in stores elsewhere.

We focus on simple, delicious recipes that pair well with coffee and tea. One of the things we love to do is to find recipes for specialty bakes from around the world and share them with the local community. Chinese Mooncakes, Moroccan Ghoriba Bahla, and Armenian Nazook are just some of the amazing things we have learned about that we are eager to share with others.

Can Be Found Here:

  • Downtown Farmer’s Market – Salt Lake City
  • Tetra House Coffee – Woods Cross

Woods Cross, Utah

  • Woods Cross, Utah 84087

Jenni Wood

Tiger Pumpkin Bakes was founded by owner Jenni Wood to further share her love of baking and feeding anyone she can.