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The Cacao Group

Chocolate Confections

The Cacao Group is an international chocolate confections company with a goal of making the best-tasting chocolate in the world. Our products include our world famous Amber Lyn Sugar-Free Belgian Chocolate, the widely known brand of Cold Stone Chocolates, and our local Utah Truffles brand.

 Cold Stone Chocolates blends premium chocolate with scrumptious mix-ins to create new and exciting experiences, just like you’d find in the ice cream shop. Everyone should enjoy amazing chocolate. Amber Lyn Sugar Free Belgian Chocolate is the finest low net-carb chocolate available. It is sugar free, gluten free, and contains no trans fats, cholesterol, preservatives, or artificial ingredients. Amber Lyn Chocolate is diabetic friendly and suitable for vegetarians, and its feel and texture are indistinguishable from premium sugar-sweetened chocolate.

Locally, our Utah Truffles are a family favorite. Made with the highest quality ingredients, our indulgent chocolates are made with no artificial preservatives or trans fats. Indulge in gluten-free goodness in seven delicious flavors. Each rich and satisfying bite will overwhelm you with silky-smooth goodness.

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So yummy, got the milk chocolate mint truffle bar in a mother’s day basket and now I must have more. Will order again soon.

Penelope Medina,

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Sandy, UT

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Jake Cavanaugh

The Cacao Group was born in May of 2012 when DK Truffles and Amber Lyn Chocolates merged to form a new entity focused on creating the highest quality chocolate confections. The union of these two companies brings to bear over 40 years of confectionery experience.

With manufacturing facilities located in Salt Lake City, Utah, the company’s products are sold all over the United States and exported to Australia, China, Japan and the Philippines.