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Terrel’s Country Bakery


We are a from-scratch bakery located in Mt. Pleasant, Utah. In addition to our many freshly-baked goods, we mass-produce Terrel’s Country Bakery Rolls and Scone Dough for local grocery stores and restaurants.

Made fresh daily with no preservatives, our dough is delivered to stores weekly to ensure a fresh product with a homemade taste. Bring the goodness of our bakery to your table. You can find our roll and scone dough in the frozen food section at Associated Food Stores, Smith’s, Macey’s and other fine grocers in Utah.

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Can be found here:

    1605 South Main


Tried these rolls for the first time last week. Delicious!

Claudia Ostergaard,

Facebook Review

They are the best rolls ever! If you do not have time to make homemade rolls, use these, they taste just like homemade!

Heather Sirrine,

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Terrels raisin filled cookies are the best I have ever tasted

Valerie Brown,

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Mt. Pleasant, UT

  • 1605 South Main
  • Mt. Pleasant, UT 84647
  • 435-462-2602
  • Message: terrelscountrybakery@gmail.com

Bryan Mecham

Bryan Mecham started Terrel’s Country Bakery Rolls and Scone Dough in 2001. Our company grew and soon our frozen rolls and scone dough was sold in grocery stores and served in restaurants around the state. Today, our dough is still made fresh daily and shipped each week to ensure a fresh, quality product for your family.