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Good Things Happen Around the Table

As our tag line says, “Good things happen around the table”, and Tayo seeks to foster that sentiment by providing the food around which we can gather and connect. Tayo means “us” or “we” in my native language of Tagalog. It perfectly captures the flash point of why our company exists; that is, to create an environment of togetherness.

Our flagship product is Tayo Great Gumbo! This is a wonderful first product for our company because it’s a comfort food and comfort foods make people feel comfortable! One of the company values is healthy eating, and Tayo Great Gumbo! is an amazing example of how food can be accessible and satisfying and still be healthy. Its ingredients are all organic and it can be prepared as a traditional dish or vegan-style. It is a versatile food product that is designed to be a staple in every household. These are the types of products Tayo seeks to provide.

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Tayo Gumbo was so easy to make and tasted delicious!” – Lily G, Company Review

When I don’t know what to make my go to meal is Tayo Gumbo!” – John V, Company Review

This easily feeds my family of eight!” – Ashley M, Company Review

South Salt Lake City, Utah

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Loreta Villemez

Tayo started as a challenge to bring a product from conception to the marketplace. A group of women and I began meeting monthly in 2014, just to work on our individual projects. Some of us worked with textiles, food, wood…you name it, we were creating something with it. We spent 10 straight hours together every month, sharing stories, laughing, creating, and, of course, in the midst of it all was food. That first year, one of them suggested I bottle my personal recipe of gumbo ingredients and give them out as Christmas gifts. I did that and people loved it! Well, that response triggered a fantasy of sharing this product with the world. As I struggled with the “how” of sharing my beloved gumbo with the masses, the question turned into “why”; as in, why does the world need it? I, then, understood that it was not so much the dish, but the gathering of people around it that made it special. Just like in those monthly get-togethers where the idea was born, the treasure was the fellowship. And with that realization, the company development took off. All of a sudden, we had an identity and a mission, and that bred a passion to do what we do best in order to promote, facilitate, create an environment where connection and relationship happens.