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Señor Smokes Salsa

The Party’s over when the Salsa’s gone…

Really good salsa is really hard to find – until now.
Señor Smokes Salsa offers six flavors of salsa so everyone is sure to get their favorite.

Mango – Fruity Mango Pineapple
Roja – Savory Cayenne Tomato
Fiesta – Sweet Cranberry Serrano
Mojito – Tangy Garlic Tomatillo
Fuego – Spicy Habanero Tomato
Verde – Zesty Tomatillo Chile.

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Kaysville, Utah

  • Kaysville, Utah 84037
  • 844-663-8536

Winston Gillies
Chief Salsa Designer

We recognized that really good salsa is really hard to find. We have been making salsa recreationally for the last 15 years and have had more than a few people beg us to make our recipes widely available so they could be shared with more people. So using our skills as a lifetime entrepreneur, our background in business operations and processes and our knowledge and talent in making salsa, we decided to jump in with both feet and make our dream a reality and Senor Smokes Salsa was born.