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Sauced Up Salsa

Fire Roasted Fresh Salsa

Sauced Up Salsa is Utah’s Favorite Salsa.

We make Fresh Fire Roasted Salsa locally and provide it all over the valley. We currently have 7 different flavors that are perfect for everyone from salsa lovers, to those looking to start their salsa journey. Sauced Up Salsa is what everyone deserves in a salsa. It is locally made using Bush’s Family Recipes in small batches and checked for quality. We make every batch with love and of course fire. We roast everything to perfection and blend to a mouthwatering salsa.

Our products are created to bring you the fire you need in a salsa. They are all delicious with flavor that punches you in the mouth with deliciousness and the spice to back it up. The quality of our roasted ingredients paired with our secret spices pair well with anything from breakfast burritos, chips, pizza, salmon and even Pinot Grigio.

Sauced Up Salsa is vegan as well as all natural. Yep, no added sugar or animal byproducts. We have gluten free chips that are made fresh and local and are packaged at our headquarters. When you think of what a Salsa should be, you must already be thinking about Sauced Up Salsa.

We also have locally sourced tortilla chips, made right here in Salt Lake City. Fresh tortillas cut into triangles, fried in all-natural oil, leaving a perfect crunch.  Thick but crispy, these chips pair very well with all our salsas. Lightly salted, low in calories, gluten free, and no sugar added these chips are a guilt free snack!

Can Be Found Here:

  • Bountiful Farmers Market
  • Herriman Farmers Market
  • Murray Farmers Market
  • Ogden Farmers Market
  • Ogden Bizzare Markets
  • Tooele Community Market
  • Strength in Shades Market
  • South Jordan Farmers Market
  • The Market Beautiful
  • The Spooktacular Markets
  • Juneteenth Market


I’ve been trying for a few months to get some of this salsa! George dropped it off to me and all I got to say isssssss stuff is 🔥🔥🔥 check it out now.” – Gaviston Cole, Google Review

YUM! Found this salsa at the bountiful farmers market. She had all of the flavors out to sample and sold me on the mango habanero. Slightly sweet with a good kick, but not too hot. Can’t wait to try the other flavors!” – Jesseca Hallows, Google Review

Love, love, love this salsa! The flavor and heat level is spot on for their different types of heat. It goes well with so many different types of food. Their presentation is also very nice and fun.” – Tina Franz, Google Review

Salt Lake City, Utah

  • 3678 w 2100 s (Frontage Rd)
  • Salt Lake City, Utah 84020
  • 385-419-6263

George Bush
Owner & Founder

I started Sauced Up Salsa, at my normal 9-5 job. We had potlucks, and I wanted to make my own salsa to bring. After we were cleaning up a woman asked if she could buy more from me, I told her I don’t sell it and she told me “Why not?” That stuck with me, and I made a couple more jars and sold them to people. I sold enough to go celebrate my wedding anniversary in San Francisco. I stopped for a while, but 3 years later in 2020 my wife brought it up again. I started in December of 2020, selling out of my home to friends and family. I got so busy I had to upgrade to our kitchen. Now almost one year later (Oct. 2021) I have been able to reach massive amounts of people, make some great friends, and showed people what it’s like to have a salsa that tastes like salsa! I saw that there was a way to take care of my family through salsa. I want my daughter to have things that I wasn’t able to have when I was younger. With the great feedback I got from customers, and friends I knew I had something different than the rest. I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon and hopefully reach even more people with my salsa!