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Rino’s Italian Fresh

Farm and Italian Sauces

Rino’s Italian Fresh believes in producing good quality salsa, marinara sauce and pesto made from his own naturally grown heirloom tomatoes and produce.  Rino’s mission is to provide a product made from vine ripe tomatoes with amazing fresh flavor.

He couldn’t stand the thought of sitting at home after retirement. Rino has always lived a very active lifestyle and now has decided to pursue producing his home made sauces.

Rino is starting off with making his fresh sauces and selling them at the local farmers markets. He is selling his products seasonally for now so he can maintain the high quality sauce with his produce. Flavor means everything to Rino and he doesn’t want to compromise that with sourcing his produce elsewhere.

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Can be found here:

  • Wheeler Farmers Market
  • Downtown Farmers Market
  • Park City Farmers Market


I like Rino’s Italian Fresh because the varieties of produce they sell are quite different from what else you would typically find in Utah. The main products I would recommend are the grapes, figs, and basil. I haven’t found another farmer who sells products like the grapes and basil. And even cold-hardy figs are quite difficult to grow in the long winter climate.

Seth Miller,

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Centerville, UT

  • 307 East Casa Loma Dr.
  • Centerville, UT 84014
  • 801-694-5288


Rino started growing and farming Italian variety tomatoes inspired from his father’s farm in Italy. He started farming at his home back in the late 70’s to provide the produce needed for his restaurant. He opened Rino’s Italian Restaurant back in 1980 to make food from his home country. He wanted to open the restaurant to show customers what good Italian food taste like. He also went to school for five years for culinary arts. Rino has worked in France,  Switzerland, Scottland and on a cruise ship before he came to the United States to pursue his now career.