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Black Bee Vanilla

Handcrafted Vanilla

Black Bee Vanilla specializes in handcrafted vanilla produced from the very best ingredients. All our extracts are cold-aged a minimum of eight weeks and use no heat in our micro-filtering process. Heat extracting is used by bigger producers because it allows quicker production times—but ultimately degrades the vanilla flavor. At Black Bee Vanilla, we value flavor and quality above all else and prove it with our processes and products.

Vanilla beans, with their rich, exotic aroma, provide relaxation and offer a familiar and comforting flavor—whether using extract, powder, or paste. If you’re baking or mixing up some fresh treats, Black Bee Vanilla products add a unique flavor and help your senses come alive! Order today and you’ll find a Black Bee Vanilla bean in each bottle of extract to ensure great taste as time goes by. Made in Utah, just for you.

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Saratoga Springs, UT

  • Saratoga Springs, UT 84045
  • 801-913-1940

John Zebley

Launched in September 2011, Black Bee Vanilla specializes in the world’s most popular flavor: Madagascar Vanilla. We produce pure extract with no added sugars of any kind.

It’s important to our company that we give back. Send us a picture of your donation receipt to any charity you are passionate about and get an additional $5 off your next purchase.