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Prin Ya Custard

Japanese Style Custard Desserts

Prin-Ya Custard introduces Japanese style custard desserts to Salt Lake City.

Familiarly known as a flan in the U. S., baked custard tastes a bit different in Japan, where the owner grew up, and she decided to share the silky texture and gentle sweetness to the community.

While baked custard is the original idea of this business, we also wanted to cater to vegan and lactose intolerant population, and after months of experiment with recipes, we created a perfect plant-base creamy dessert that is our Vegan Custard, and it became popular with everyone: vegan or non-vegan.  

Prin-Ya Custard believes in synergistic community and “buy local” movement. Our ingredients are locally sourced when possible. 

In efforts to reduce waste and plastic pollution, Prin-Ya custards come in reusable glass jars, and empty jars are collected regularly at several locations.

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Can be found here:

Hello! Bulk Markets (355 N. 500 W.)

Jade Market (353 W. 200 S.)

Sweet Hazel & Co. (167 W 4500 S, Murray)



The custards are delicious and if you have a chance try the always changing seasonal flavors and the cream puffs! so good – Ivett Gonzalez, Facebook Review

Wonderful creative desserts – and almost all are vegan! The vegan chocolate mousse is my favorite but all the custards are amazing too – Valerie Yoder, Facebook Review

Delicious custards, that won’t leave you feeling heavy, and they have vegan options as well. I met the owner outside of the Jade Market, who explained several options that I would probably like. – William Painter, Facebook Review

Salt Lake City, UT

  • 751 West 800 South
  • Salt Lake City, UT 84104
  • 801-201-0919

Naomi Larsen

Prin-Ya Custard was born in 2017 with the help and guidance of Spice Kitchen Incubator. 

After perfecting the products the owner put some samples in a wheeled cooler and went door to door of potential businesses asking them to carry Prin-Ya custards on their shelves. While many said no, a few local oriented businesses were kind enough to let us sell the products. Those businesses attract other local products lovers and recyclers, who appreciate the same values in life as we.