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Pleasant Valley Beef

Beef Farm

Give your family the best. Our beef is “True Natural”: cattle that are raised on a strict all-vegetarian diet and are never administered antibiotics or growth hormones commonly used to promote faster growth and weight gain. These Central Utah mountain valley cattle grow naturally on a stringent regimen of fresh water, barley, grass and hay.

They never receive any animal by-products or beef tallow in their diet. Just good, clean natural beef tended by real cowboys on the open range or home in the pasture. The way cows were meant to be raised. Strict adherence to environmentally sound practices and unsurpassed humane treatment of the cattle guarantees great flavor, tenderness and personal satisfaction for our customers.

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Mt. Pleasant, UT

  • 11010 E 17050 North
  • Mt. Pleasant, UT 84647
  • 435-462-3810

Ken & Charlene Palmer

In 1974, our parents, Ken and Charlene Palmer moved from the city to this 700 acre ranch in Mt. Pleasant. They arrived with 4 small children. Being “city folks” meant they didn’t know how to farm or raise animals. But they did have the desire to learn and to make a place where their children would learn to work and have the freedom of the country life. Thanks to many good neighbors and friends, they quickly learned the ins and outs of farming. Now the parents of 10 children (all married and raising their own families), we see they also learned the art of raising a family.

Each child had responsibility to work and care for the cattle, sheep, horses, dogs, chickens, ducks, and other animals. Growing up and working on this family farm was great fun and hard work. Each learned valuable lessons including the value of close family relationships.

Now we are returning to the farm to give our own families the same freedom and lessons of hard work passed on by our parents. This way of life is fading quickly in our fast-paced world. In an effort to maintain the traditions and ethics of their upbringing, we hope to share with everyone the joys (and sorrows) of this way of life.

We always had a plentiful supply of beef. And as we ventured from the farm we found it hard to get good quality beef in stores and eating establishments. We missed our home-grown beef. We’ve returned to the family farm and now we give you the opportunity to taste the home-grown difference.