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Planet Goat

Livestock & Produce

At Planet Goat we believe that healing the earth and nurturing the human body and spirit are endeavors that complement each other in sustainable agriculture settings. Therefore, our goals are two-fold:

  1. Provide humanely raised meats and all natural dairy products to customers who care about the farm to table process;
  2. Provide educational and entertainment experiences in a farm setting that brings culture, families, and farm activities together in a safe and pleasant venue.

Breeds of livestock suited to small scale agriculture are emphasized superior quality products and genetic diversity conservation.  No till, permaculture pasture is practiced.   Also, through interpretation of farming systems as an integral and wholesome part of a cycle of natural, renewable resource use, and through providing on-farm products with the ‘farmer’s face on them’, opportunities for public engagement in alternative animal husbandry education are offered in a way that is fun and memorable.

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Rush Valley, UT

  • 1470 W Hwy 199
  • Rush Valley, UT 84069
  • 801-915-5723

Lauren & Ed Ruddell

Lauren and her husband Ed operate the farm at Planet Goat in the Utah high desert, one hour west of Salt Lake City. As the name of the operation suggests, goats are the consuming passion. Nubian dairy goats provide milk and adorable baby goats yearly, while the wethers occasionally, and vigorously, earn their keep in the back country.

Goat packing activities have taken them to many mountain ranges in the Rocky Mountain West. Hiking with goats is truly unlike any other way of experiencing wilderness, and Lauren is still mad about being around goats’ feet on high places. It is a hobby that is growing in popularity rapidly and at Planet Goat, folks can come and stay for goat husbandry and goat packing lessons.

Lauren also operates a small farm store and vegetable stand at Planet Goat. Organic vegetables, milk, meat and cheese are offered from May through October.