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P&P Coffee, LLC

Family Owned Coffee Roasting Company

We are a Utah based family owned and operated coffee roasting facility, providing roasted coffee in its finest form. We deliver fresh and unique coffee every week, no matter the volume. Our various roast profiles are the result of the hard work of our team of experts with more than 35 years of experience.

We have worked extensively on all stages of the coffee bean from seed to roast, using sophisticated equipment to reach the perfect balance between color, flavor and aroma. Thanks to this balanced fusion, we have crafted products with the personality and quality necessary to maintain a preferential position in every consumer’s palate. At P & P Coffee we supply everything for your coffee needs, providing free equipment to perfectly fit your type of business or coffee volume consumption.     

We have the perfect blend of coffee for every business, which will keep your customers coming back for more. Once the customer select or request a custom blend, we will make sure that it is what the customer have been looking for while maintaining the optimal quality. We work with the most capable team of technicians who are trained from the top brand equipment manufacturers  to get our customer going fast. We also offer Private Label for our customers

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We tried it at Rosa’s Cafe and loved it! Smooth and rich!

Jennifer W. Sanchez,

Facebook Review

Amazing coffee! Can’t wait to spread the word to friends and family!

Danielle Bergman,

Facebook Review

I loved this coffee. It’s not as bitter and it’s refreshing

Dontre Reynolds,

Facebook Review

Ogden, UT

  • 2924 Pennsylvania Avenue, Suit 67
  • Ogden, UT 84067
  • 801-394-3532

Peña Peláez Family
Founder, Owned & Operated

Our family has been in the coffee industry since 1976. Even though our beginnings were humble growing coffee in the southern region of Polo, Barahona, in the Dominican Republic, with hard work and constant dedication to quality we moved our way to Santo Domingo, capital of the Dominican Republic. There, we were able to consolidate our position in the international coffee world exporting through our various conglomerates and tapping into the markets such as the USA, Asia and Europe. Our team has studied the art of coffee since day one, taking courses and training programs from top coffee schools around the world such as the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), Instituto Dominicano del Café INDOCAFE (Dominican Institute of Coffee) and Istituto Internazionale Assaggiatori Caffé (IIAC)

Our History in the green coffee business allowed us to develop excellent relationships with other coffee farmers around the globe. This is why we get the best coffee beans at the best prices available in the market .

“We are not a coffee shop, we are coffee growers, traders and roasters whom work shoulder-to-shoulder with baristas, restaurant owners, hotel GM’s and food brokers. We supply the best coffee at the best prices always, with the consistency and quality no matter the quantity”.

– Ana Peña-Lundell | Co-Founder & Accounts Associate.