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Our Local Bounty

Produce Grower

At Our Local Bounty, we developed a greenhouse-based growing system that allows us to provide basic fruits and vegetables year round. We supplement with locally-grown summer produce delivered to your home weekly in quantities appropriate for you and your family.

Our heated high-production greenhouse ensures year-round basic produce. We use heirloom seed varieties and we guarantee the quality of our produce from start to finish.

Interested in starting your own garden? We offer CSA members heirloom seeds from Our Local Bounty seed bank. In the spring, we also offer potted plant starts for your own summer gardens—all started from heirloom seeds. Learn more at our back-to-basics classes taught by many local experts on dozens of topics.

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Can be found here:

    395 S 500 East

Spring City, UT

  • 395 S 500 East
  • Spring City, UT 84662
  • 435-851-3923

Keith & Michelle Chandler

Our Local Bounty is just getting started here in Spring City, Utah. Keith and Michelle Chandler, the founders of Our Local Bounty, have always tried to find, support, and purchase locally-produced foods and other products. After dealing with some serious health issues, which were caused by environmental toxicity, we became acutely aware of the chemicals and additives in our food supply and household environment.

In our attempt to produce our own food, we found many friends and neighbors who were also interested in all-natural foods. This created an amazing community that supports each other and learns from one another. It became increasingly difficult, however, to balance our time between raising and preparing our own food, assisting friends in doing the same, and working to earn a living. Our Local Bounty was born out of trying to create this balance.