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Oolite Cheese Company

Artisan Cheese

We make hand made, award winning cheeses in our little shop in Manti, Utah. We take great pride in all our cheeses and great pride in how we make our cheeses. We do everything by without any automated equipment and put a lot of love into our products. We are passionate about our cheeses and about our milk. We partnered up with the only local dairy sheep producer in the state and we have become successful together. The only way to get high quality milk it to run a quality dairy where they let their sheep graze 100% of the time. They also are one of the few dairies who let their babies nurse off the mother for 30 days. We love cheese!

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Can be found here:

    103 East 100 South


Just bought all four of Oolite Cheese Co. Cheeses at SLC winter Market today and OMG, they are mouth watering wonderful!

Beth Young

Facebook Review

Oolite cheese is the best. I love the Native Bloom. I anxiously await the Saturday markets, just so I can restock.

Whitney Sanchez,

Facebook Review

Fantastic cheese and fantastic people!

Andrew Langley,

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Manti, UT

  • 103 East 100 South
  • Manti, UT 84642
  • 714-494-5762

Joel & Rachel

As Joel’s 31st birthday approached, Rachel, as she does each year, asked him what type of cake he’d like to have. Joel answered, “Cheese. All I want is cheese.” So Rachel did what Joel didn’t expect and headed for the cheese shop. She bought 4 quarter wheels of different cheeses and put them together in a single round with candles on top.

Not only was Joel surprised and well pleased, but he was also inspired. From then on, the couple began to enjoy studying cheese as much as they loved to eat it. Together they discovered that many of their favorite cheeses, like Roquefort, were made from sheep milk. They also learned that limestone caves were a traditional spot for aging cheese and that the limestone contributed to the wonderful flavors.

These two facts took their minds to a place Joel and Rachel were hoping to someday retire. They had dreamed of someday buying a pioneer built Oolite limestone home in the sheep filled Sanpete Valley of Central Utah. Their desire had been fueled by their childhood time spent in the valley as well as their common ancestral heritage there. But now, with quarries of limestone and sheep in abundance, they had a new motivation to head for Sanpete. Cheesemaking!