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Nil Organic Tea

Organic Tea

I create and hand-blend my own 100 percent organic teas and herbal infusions. Our gourmet blends are unique and easy to prepare. All of our blends are offered with either an herbal, caffeine-free, Word of Wisdom-approved base or a tea leaf base (black, white, green, or pu-erh) for added antioxidant and caffeine benefits. We also invest 25 percent of our profits into Kiva microloans to fight poverty in a holistic, sustainable way.

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Finally, an organic tea line that features bold and interesting flavors! I was delighted to discover Nil Organic Tea after years of searching for strong, naturally flavored tea. Other companies feature artificial additives, but Nil uses nothing artifical. I’m in love!

Chrissie Alison,

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Love Love Love this tea. They are the best!! I love that they are all organic!! Perfect!!

Bethany Graham,

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This is some of the best tasting tea I’ve ever had!

Lindsey Stern,

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Provo, UT

  • 350 N. Redwood Road
  • Provo, UT 84097
  • 831-508-0747

Shiloh and Kimberly Bell-Jessop
Founders, Owners, Sisters, Beekeepers

As a nursing mother, I’m very careful what I put into my body. So I researched the health benefits of my cabinet full of tea, and my findings were both shocking and discouraging. Determined to keep my me-time tea-time, I decided to hand-blend my own teas in order to guarantee my baby and me were getting the purest of every ingredient.

 But I wanted more than just a healthy tea—I wanted it to transform the world. Not only was it important to me to ensure my tea as Fair Trade certified, but I also wanted every purchase to proactively empower change. Fair trade and Kiva combine powerfully to help alleviate poverty and fight injustice. So, what tea has it all? What tea can one truly sip fearlessly? Nil tea.